Re installing Windows for first time

  JAM3S 13:07 18 Mar 2006

I think I need to re install windows as it won't load, I get this error:

Windows Could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt \windows\system32\config\system

Using my evesham recovery cd isn't really getting me anywhere beyond the set up screens.

The PC has two HDDs and I took out C drive and wanted to stard anew just incase drive C was buggered. Drive D has 3 partitions and 8mb unpartitioned(??).

In Windows set up I have 3 options. Set up WindowsXP on selected item, Create a partition in the unpartitioned space or Delete the selected partition.

Choosing the Setup Windows XP on any of this HD's partitions gives me the same message:

To install WindowsXP on the partition you selected, setup must write some start up files to the following disc - 98169 MB Disc 0 at id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]
Hoever this disc does not contain a WindowsXP compatable partition on the drive above.
Return to the partition selection and create a WindowsXP compatable partition on the disk above.

This drives partitions look like the following:

Unpartitioned space 8mb
C: partition 1 [NTSC] 28051mb
D: partition 1 [NTSC] 25054mb
E: partition 1 [NTSC] 25047mb

I've never attemped to re install Windows before & don't really know what I'm doing. Anyone got time to point me in the right direction?

Thanks :)

  VoG II 13:14 18 Mar 2006

You don't need to reinstall Windows click here

  dms05 13:19 18 Mar 2006

If I understand you correctly you want to swop C: for D:. If that's so you will have to create an 'active' partition on the old D: drive if it is to be used to boot and load XP (or any other Windows version).

I'm guessing but I think your Windows XP backup is held in an hidden partition on the original C: drive and when you try to run the restore CD it looks to use that partition (which you seem to have removed from the PC or made into D: drive).

I'd replace the original C: as C: and try installing from there. Not quite what you want but it may be the best you can manage.

  dms05 13:22 18 Mar 2006

VoG's suggestion is the easiest and best way to start - after you've returned your PC to it's original configuration of course.

  JAM3S 15:31 18 Mar 2006

Hi guys

Ok, I went and returned drive C back where it should be.
Got the same error as originally stated : following file is missing or corrupt \windows\system32\config\system. Attempt to repair using the original set up cd rom + select R to repair.

Then I booted from my Evesham recovery cd, got a Windows Set up title and a message saying "setup is loading files".

Finally after a minute or so I got a screen saying:

Drive C is unformatted, damaged or formatted with a file system that is incompatable with WindowsXP. To continue installing XP, set up needs to format this drive (bye bye data? :()

F to format
Esc for previous screen.

Where's this R for repair option gone :(
Should I go ahead and format, losing everything on a drive that might be knackered anyway?


  JAM3S 20:56 18 Mar 2006

Just an update :)
Decided to re install XP which ran smoothly thank God.

I suppose those old files are lost forever though? Nevermind, I'll get over it :)

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