Re-installing Windows 98

  Negrondes 09:10 21 Jul 2004

Each time i get a virus I have to take my PC to the shop and have Windows 98 re-installed at £30 a time. It takes a week.
How do I do this myself.

  mehmet 09:22 21 Jul 2004

I find that the best way to re-install the OS is to formatt the hard disk then simply insert the win98 CD or floppy boot disk the setup.

  xania 09:28 21 Jul 2004

But why do you get a virus in the first place. There's plenty of anti-virus software out there, including some freeware - all you have to do is install it and keep it up-to-date.

  anchor 09:35 21 Jul 2004

The advice given by xania and mehmet is good.

AVG is a free antivirus programme that is well thought of in the forum. You can download it here:

click here

Don`t forget to keep the virus definitions up to date on a regular basis.

This would stop you getting infected in the first place. A reload of windows 98 should only take about an hour, and is easily done. If you need more guidance for this, post again.

  Gongoozler 09:39 21 Jul 2004

Make sure you have a Windows 98 boot disk. If you don't already have one, you can make one via the Control Panel - Add/Remove programs. Boot up with the floppy disk in the drive, and when the computer starts you will get a number of options. Select Start with CD ROM support. When the computer boots, your CD drive letter will have moved up one place, because the floppy will create a virtual drive in RAM from which to control your computer.

After the A:\ prompt type in FORMAT C:. Accept the warning about losing all data, and wait while the C: drive is formatted. Next type in the new letter for the cd drive, so if it was the D: drive, type E: and press your enter key. yor display should now show E:\. type in DIR and press the enter key. You should get a listing of the folders and files on the CD, which will confirm that all is ok. Now type in SETUP, and wait while Windows installs.

Before you format your drive, make sure you have the Windows 98 cd, and the pruduct key (5 groups of 5 characters), and all the software disks you need.

If you keep getting viruses, you can't have proper virus protection. AVG from Grisoft click here and AVAST from click here are both very good and free for home use.

When your computer is running properly, if you do a backup using the Windows 98 backup utility (this isn't installed by default, so you will have to go through Add/Remove programs to install it) and backup to a separate hard drive or partition, then after reinstalling Windows you can easily restore your computer software to what it was before the reformat.

  Sans le Sou 11:39 21 Jul 2004

Formatting with pictures click here or you can download the "Ultimate Boot Disk," which does it all for you.

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