Re-installing W98SE

  johnem 10:00 28 May 2003

Hello gang, I know that this subject has been discussed on many previous occassions and I thought I had copied the information down somewhere, as yet unfound. I am having a few problems with W98SE and was intending to re-install W98SE over the top of the oriuginal in the hope that it might correct some of the possibly corrupted files. At this point I do not want to reformat etc just to overlay. Any suggestions please.

  Andsome 10:27 28 May 2003

When I had 98 SE I simply ran the CD and told it to install. It only puts in what is needed, and does not put another copy on top. I did this on more than one occasion, and found that any corruptions were corrected. If the CD won't auto run, just go to add/remove programs, and click INSTALL.

  johnem 14:13 28 May 2003

Andsome, I have tried both methods and receive the info that system is already running W98 and cannot be upgraded. Tried rebooting with "system disk" and "startup disk" but system stops just showing A:> tried changing to D:\ and running setup, back to same message that it cannot upgrade. I must be missing something very simple, or is it me that's very simple!! Any further suggestions would be appreciated.

run C:/windows/options/cabs/setup.exe

  johnem 15:17 28 May 2003

horiz5, thanks for the tips, have tried this only to find that when this machine was built, the kind computer engineer decided to put the zipped cabs files in "C:\cabs" and the non zipped files in "C:\windows\options\cabs". No real problem except that there is not a setup.exe file anywhere. Ho hum, back to the drawing board!! Any further ideas?

  pj123 22:35 28 May 2003

In windows explorer go to c:\windows and delete the file "" then use your boot disk and change to D: or whatever your CD is and type setup. your PC now won't know that Win 98 is already installed

  edkny 03:01 29 May 2003

if you have the win98se folder in your c drive (if you don't then copy it from the win98 cd) then go to command prompt. open win98se folder then type setup.exe to start reinstallation.

you can also use SFC to check for missing files and scanreg \fix to fix the registry.

  keith-236785 08:38 29 May 2003

if you boot from the floppy start-up disk, when you get the menu, choose start with cdrom support.

once it has finished loading and you have the A:> prompt you need to type "E:" without the qoutes this will be the cdrom because a virtual drive D: is installed when you start with a start-up disk. the prompt should change to E:>

at this point make sure your windows98 cd is in the drive and then type "setup" again without the qoutes, this should start windows setup again. good luck.

  johnem 11:31 29 May 2003

Thanks for all of your help, tried your suggestion paperman27, got through to the setup wizard etc, and then received the message "our computer has an operating system installed, which cannot be upgraded by this version of setup, you need to obtain the Windows 98 upgrade. Message SU0168"
Back to the drawing board, I am beginning to suspect my W98SE disc, but it does not state that it an OEM version or anything else only Windows98 Second Edition.
I will keep on trying, i'm sure something will work eventually.

  PA28 14:49 29 May 2003

Try renaming the C:\Windows folder to something you will remember (just in case you need it back!). Reinstall from the CD as if new - as the target directory doesn't exist you should be OK and a new C:\Windows directory will be installed in the process. Run the system for a while before deleting your renamed original Windows directory.

However, if you can - and I know you don't want to - a complete format and clean reinstall is by far the best way to get a stable and fast system out of an old and rocky one!!

  Stuartli 16:05 29 May 2003

You should be able to find the missing/corrupted files using SFC - it will use either the HDD folder or the Win98SE CD-ROM to extract the required file/files.

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