re-installing OS

  Spiny 10:08 26 Jan 2007

I have an old (back up) PC running Windows 95. It has been damaged by a virus for some time, it works after a fashion but some softwear won't run and it is generally slow. I want to re-install the OS to clear the problem. I have all the original MS system CDs and floppies, however I also remember being told by a Dell engineer back in 1998 that the PC had a shadow version of the OS installed on the disk which was there in case they needed to do a re-install. Can anyone tell me if I can access this and use it? Would it be in a partition that I am unable to see, or would it be simpler just to format the disk to remove any damage done by the virus and start again.

Can anyone give me a step by step run through or direct me to a web site with a good tutorial.

Many thanks.

  MichelleC 10:53 26 Jan 2007

Try F11 on bootup, or F8.

  Hawy 11:10 26 Jan 2007

I wonder if this might help?

click here

  Chissy 13:04 26 Jan 2007

To add to the other posters help, I posted a copy of the Dell manual instructions in this thread too.

click here

  Spiny 15:37 27 Jan 2007

Many thanks guys. I'll try your suggestions.

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