Re-Installing Norton

  mcheathen 12:35 06 Dec 2007

I've recently removed Norton 2005. If I were to re-install it at a later date and pay the subscription will it automatically download all the necessary up-dates since 2005?

  pk46 12:59 06 Dec 2007

Norton 2005 is old and has been replaced by Norton 360 infact i don't know if Norton 2005 is still supported.
The worst thing about Norton is it will still be on your computer even the so called Norton removal
tool does not remove it from the registory unless you remove it youself.

  birdface 16:36 06 Dec 2007

2005 is well out of date they are using 2008 now .And no it would not be worth paying any money to have it up-dated.Especially when you have free ones like AVG or Avast.

  skidzy 16:46 06 Dec 2007

For reference mcheathen click here

  palinka 18:20 07 Dec 2007

Why bother to re-install any "flavour" of Norton? As buteman says, there are good alternatives that are FREE, forever; and many of us in this forum have been using them for years.
In addition, Norton is very power-hungry. So get rid of it and install AVG, or Avast. Chief problem will be getting rid of Norton. Use all the standard methods (Norton removal tool; Add/Remove programs; etc.) Then go to Start>search>all files & folders; type in Norton and delete all you find.

  mcheathen 20:52 11 Dec 2007

FAO pk46 I used Norton up until start of Nov 07 when the sub. ran out. I was getting regular updates. So as long as there are regular updates, then I expect that it must have been still supported.

I am using AVG at the moment, but I just wondered if there is a special folder on Norton with the updates that I should save incase I want to renew my subscription to Norton.

  birdface 21:58 11 Dec 2007

If you are thinking of paying Nod32 is one of the best.But if you are set on using Norton again shop around you will get it much cheaper.Norton 2008 Internet Security on one of the websites for £25.And you can get it cheaper.

  gudgulf 22:30 11 Dec 2007

With Norton it's important you realise that your subscription only covers definition updates.

Any additions and improvements to the software itself are not covered.

To get those you need to update to the latest version.

Norton wont support any product beyond three years old (for technical help) but will gladly sell you updates to the definitions.

Best option is to upgrade each year to the latest version....and look for the offer prices.Don't pay the full retail price.

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