re installation of adobe cs3

  GPa 15:23 13 Nov 2007

I uninstalled CS3, but now I want to install it again.
Each time I try, the installation fails.
I have been advised that this is because files and fragments still remain on my hard drive and I must remove these before trying to reinstall.

does anyone know how I can identify these files so that I can Remove them?

  RickyC :-) 15:55 13 Nov 2007

Depending on whether you're installing on a Mac or on Windows. For Mac, there's a utility available on the Adobe tech support site called CS3Clean. click here for Adobe's support site. Search on that site for CS3Clean, but I'd recommend that you read through the the support articles on their site prior to running the script. I also called their Tech support line, and found them extremely helpful.

Cover Disc Editor

  GPa 14:31 15 Nov 2007

Thank you, CD Editor,
I have had a quick look at kb400992 called "Troubleshoot installation problems in Adobe Photoshop CS3 on Windows XP" (all 9 pages of it)and can see I need a session of a few hours together. This will be at the week end, so I will let you know how I get on.
Till then,
Thanks again.

  GPa 12:36 08 Dec 2007

For CD Editor.
I persevered for the weekend and beyond, but it got very tedious when I had to try to re-install cs3 after every step of the solution and then try to un-install it again starting back at step one.
Then there was the six page supplement referred to in the nine pager. It was like a game of snakes and ladders without the ladders!
It looked as if it would become a cyclical life time project, so I have given up and installed the wretched thing on my retired machine - which is doing very nicely.
Thank you for the help anyway.
kind regards,

  jimv7 13:23 08 Dec 2007

Try copying the cd to a folder on the hard drive and installing it from there.

  GPa 14:13 12 Dec 2007

Thanks jimv7.
I copied the entire disc onto my hard drive and attempted an install, but to no avail I'm afraid.
After clicking on the install icon my machine sounded busy for a few seconds whilst files were copied - then the screen cleared of CS3 activity and that was that again!
I'm just a simple country boy, but it seems to me that all those skilled people at Adobe have to do is arrange for the installer to send a ferret off to find any offending adobe files and delete them as a precurser to installation, but that's probably more difficult than it sounds

  rwp77ox 21:18 17 Jan 2008

It appears that you are not alone, I am having problems getting CS3 to install and have resorted to searching the internet for solutions, after Adobe claimed the only way to get it to install on my machine was a "Format C" re-build of my machine and install CS3 before everything else! No Way Hosé
My searches lead me to this chatroom where several possible solutions are discussed.

click here

I've tried a couple of the suggested fixes which haven't worked for me, but if you read the thread it appears that what works for one machine won't on another. So I'm going to keep trying until I find one which works for me.

  GPa 13:58 18 Jan 2008

I've read the threads in that chat room, and there is enough there to keep me quiet for a while.
I'll let you know how I go on.
Thanks again.

  hssutton 18:01 18 Jan 2008

I have the same problem with CS3 and Vista ultimate.

At present I run CS3 on my XP-Pro pc. I also ran the beta version and although I followed Adobes instructions for installing CS3 setup failed after just a few seconds.

Not sure if this is possible, but I'm considering partioning my C drive and loading Vista on each partition, then installing CS3 and Lightroom on the new partition.

Will probably start a new thread about the possibility of running the same version of my Vista Ultimate on different partitions

  hssutton 22:20 20 Jan 2008

I finished up loading Vista onto a second h/drive and then installed CS3, so now I dual boot. Not the ideal solution, but at least I can now use CS3

  GPa 13:12 02 Mar 2008

I will try for an extra drive to do this. thanks for you help.

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