ned3110 17:49 21 Jul 2008


My friend has asked me to have a look at her laptop. It had AVG but she never ran as such its loaded with viruses and is pretty un-usable. She has data on there that she wants to keep ie photos and music. I was thinking of just re-installing the OS But I,m unsure whether to Clean install it or repair it? If I repair it it will keep her data intact, I think im correct in saying, but Im concerned that it will still have viruses etc.

What would be the best course of action?

  Pamy 17:52 21 Jul 2008

Why not try and remove the viruses first?

  ned3110 18:03 21 Jul 2008

Could do but she said its takes about 30 mins to load up. So I was thinking it might be loaded and thought it would be easier to just re-install

What tools would you recommend to remove the viruses?

  Pamy 18:07 21 Jul 2008

As long as it loads that then you can attemppt to remove the viruses. I will leave the recommended progs to others as I only use AVG

  Pamy 18:10 21 Jul 2008

PS. if you can boot up then you could remove her pictures and music to floppy's, CD, DVD or memory stick etc depending what you have available

  ned3110 18:24 21 Jul 2008

Cant viruses reside in jpegs and music files etc?

  Pamy 18:31 21 Jul 2008

You can scan the file first and if no virus detected then transfer

  ned3110 19:58 21 Jul 2008

good idea, thanks for your help.

  bertiebeast 01:49 22 Jul 2008

You could try booting to safe mode(assuming its xp?) and scanning pc with its avg and deleting all virus's from the virus vault, and while still in safe mode,scanning with anyother security software that maybe installed.
If that helps you to boot normally,update all the security programs first especially the virus program and rescan.

  ned3110 07:06 22 Jul 2008

Thanks for all your ideas

I gonna try some of these.

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