Re-install XP - without original disk?

  maby66 16:06 27 Jun 2003

I have a Medion PC which I am generally happy with. It came pre-installed with Windows XP, a recovery disk and a HDD partition.

I'm now contemplating a mobo upgrade, and accepted wisdom is to format the HDD and re-install the operating system.

How can you do this without a full install disk?

  alcudia 16:38 27 Jun 2003

I'm not sure what you mean HDD partition, but assume it is your C drive. I have formatted and reinstalled 36 XP Pro machines in the past three weeks using the supplied recovery disks.
The procedure with your machine should be the same. First make sure that the PC is set to boot from the CD drive before the HDD. Check this in the bios. Insert the CD and restart. Look for the option to press any key to boot from CD at the bottom of the screen and press the spacebar. Windows setup will begin and a number of files will load. (about 5 mins) When prompted press enter to to set up WinXp. Press F8 to accept agreement. From the next set of options press esc to install a fresh copy of Windows. From the options at the bottom of the screen press D to delete the partition; Return to confirm and L to activate the deletion. Press C to create a new partion. Choose the file system you require. Fat32 or NTFS. The hard drive will be reformatted. the PC will restart at the end of the process and reinstall XP. Keep watching because you will have to answer questions from time to time about Keyboard settings, network etc.
Hope this helps.

  alcudia 16:44 27 Jun 2003

Sorry forgot to mention.
Do not remove the CD until you are back at the normal XP desktop.
Ignore any further prompts to boot from CD

  Q-Bie 16:57 27 Jun 2003

If it's a Medion PC, you should have had 2 CD's, one of which is an Applications CD (Which doubles as a recovery CD to access the backup partition on your hard drive), and the 2nd CD should be a standard Windows XP cd, branded as a Medion CD.

You should be able to boot off this Windows CD and do as alcudia suggests.

  Jester2K II 17:17 27 Jun 2003

Are you sure this will work with upgraded componants?? The disks maybe specific to the original hardware set up!

  Djohn 17:26 27 Jun 2003

I'm thinking the same as Jester2K II. The restore CD may not work with a new motherboard.

alcudia, the partition that maby66 refers to is a hidden section of the C drive, containing all the hardware/software information, it is used in conjunction with the supplied "Restore CD" to reset the PC back to Factory settings.

This is one of the major drawbacks of not receiving a separate O/S CD with a new PC. j.

  Q-Bie 18:33 27 Jun 2003

Like I said, the Medion PC's we sell at PC World DO come with an Original XP CD that can be installed on anything, its just the same as a standard retail CD but without the nifty Microsoft hologram on the front, instead it just has a Medion logo and "Windows Installation CD" or some such.

The Application CD is the one that is the recovery CD. Medion very smartly include both so that if you re-partition the drive and lose the backup partition, you can install off a normal XP CD. One of few manufacturers to do so, I might add.

  SEASHANTY 20:31 27 Jun 2003

If its an OEM copy of XP and on a Medion recovery CD only you will not be able to upgrade. That system is tied to the original motherboard. You will probably have to buy another separate copy of XP. You shouldn#t have any difficulty if you purchase an OEM copy of XP at the same place you buy your motherboard. This will allow you to do a complete new install with the new M/B and you will then have to register this with microsoft.

  woodchip 20:40 27 Jun 2003

Not looked but what you could try before you do anything drastic, if you have a second HD I would suggest that you get Drive Image and copy the partition that will have been loaded with drivers etc on the original HD, then load this to the spare drive do not format the Original drive at this point leave it and see if it will load to the new drive and let you run the restore disc on the new drive first

  maby66 20:45 27 Jun 2003

Thanks for answers - I am now at home and have looked at the CD (single) that I have - unopened in the original packaging.

It is labelled Medion Product Recovery CD Rom.
It shows a Windows XP Home logo, and has "for distribution with a new Medion PC only" on it.

From the answers above it would appear that this item will only recover the OS, no re-install on a fresh set up.

Any thoughts on if Medion cold be "persuaded" to send me an OS disk?
After all, I am a single user, having bought a machine with a single user license - why should I be forced to purchase a new license????

  beeuuem 20:50 27 Jun 2003

Why not put the CD in and see if it brings up the XP installation screen?

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