Re-install XP on Time PC.

  rômanab 13:55 25 Mar 2006

A friend of mine has a Time PC with a trashed windows installation and needs to format and re-install XP. The problem is that he has no recovery disc as he did not buy one at the time.
I have his computer here and an OEM Mesh copy of XP (not SP1 or 2), my question is can I use my disc and his product licence key to re-install?

  surfmonkey #:@} 13:58 25 Mar 2006

does he have a 2nd partiond on pc possible D:/ then he may have system recovers software installed he could use the non distructive recovery some time pc come with it

  ACOLYTE 14:04 25 Mar 2006

If the Mesh cd is a full OEM copy of xp then you should be able to install it,depending of course that its not installed on another machine as well.Having said that if its a mesh retore copy of xp i doubt it would work as the innards of the two pc's would be different.
As for the keys you may be able to install with his key and your disc,i say "may" as it may not work,and when you come to activate it you may get problems too.Also im not to sure on the legal implications on trying such a thing.

  terryf 14:12 25 Mar 2006

Since the Certificate of Authenticity says it is supposed to be fixed to the exterior of the pc (although I have never seen one affixed to any computers that I have had, perhaps because they were built either by me or by a local computer company, it would seem that the license number only gets joined to the hardware and OS when you try to authenticate the installed OS. If you are happy that your friend has a genuine licence, I would try the installation and then authenticate it over the web. If it works then fine, if it doesn’t he will have to try and buy a new OS disk. I am surprised that he would have had to buy a recovery disk but I suppose ignorance is bliss and he didn’t envisage that his PC would ever need a re-installation of the OS Before you start, you may wish to slipstream SP1 and SP2 together with Win XP as described in this article click here

  Dipso 14:26 25 Mar 2006

You should have no problem using your Mesh XP disc and your friends key. I have done this (not a Mesh copy though) and it worked fine. You aren't doing anything wrong as you both have legitimate licences.

Other than that, if your friend would prefer, he could buy a restore disc which would access the hidden partition (providing it's still intact) to take his PC back to factory, someone is selling these on Ebay for £2.99. Do a search for Time Restore.


  rômanab 19:17 25 Mar 2006

Thanks all.

Sorry for the delay in the reply but I was called away literally seconds after posting.

surfmonkey,Dipso, unfortunately he has no recovery partition, which surprised me considering that, as far as I can remember, Time charged about £70 extra for a recovery disc.

ACOLYTE, it is a full OEM copy of windows and not a recovery disc and I would be using his legit licence key (on the sticker on the back of his box)

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