Re-install Windows XP

  swanson2 00:39 17 Apr 2005


My system hardware is as follows.

Elite K7S5A Mainboard, AMD 1700XP CPU, 1Gb DD RAM, 2x 160Gb Hard Drives.

Because I was initially catious about committing to XP I set up a dual boot system with Win 98SE on my C Drive and Windows XP SP2 on my D drive.

Now I have been using XP for a couple of years without major problem I would like to ditch Win 98SE and just stick with one operating system (XP) on one Hard Drive, and use the other Hard Drive to store archive data.

When I look at my Hard Drive details in Computer Management my C drive is shown as my System disk (FAT 32) and my D drive is shown as my Boot disk (NTSF).

Is it possible to create a single XP operating system without having to reinstall?

I have the original XP disk.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.

  Night Ryder 02:25 17 Apr 2005


  THE TERMINATOR 03:15 17 Apr 2005

Sure first boot up to Windows XP, you have two options. 1) Save any stuff on the C:(win98)drive(or copy it across to the D:drive) and format it from Windows XP. Or Delete the C:\Windows folder that has windows 98. You will now boot up into XP only(on your D:drive). I know, cos this is my setup

  goonerbill © ® 08:16 17 Apr 2005

if you do a search in this forum on this subject, you will find quite a few postings that should be of help to you

  swanson2 11:58 17 Apr 2005

Thanks for that.

I think I will go for the deletion of the C:\Windows folder that has Win98 SE on it.

My concern is that C Drive is identified as the "system" disk so if I physically remove it from mp PC will I still be able to boot up via D Drive in XP?

  THE TERMINATOR 18:29 17 Apr 2005

If you physically removed your C: drive, your D:drive would become your C:drive(because it would be the only one there). But don't worry because your system knows that XP is on the drive(no matter it's letter)and will boot up from it.

  swanson2 23:39 17 Apr 2005

Thanks for that THE TERMINATOR.

What I will do before I delete my Win98 SE folder on C Drive is disable my C Drive by unplugging the IDE cable and see if the PC boots up OK on D Drive.

Presumably I will have to set my D Drive jumpers to Master or will a single drive boot up in any jumper position?

  THE TERMINATOR 00:00 18 Apr 2005

I would change the jumpers to master for the XP drive, and your other drive to slave, after you have checked that it will boot.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:06 18 Apr 2005

just pull out the power connector it's easier

  swanson2 01:07 18 Apr 2005

Thanks for your help.

Will try all this tomorrow and post back the results.


  swanson2 01:01 20 Apr 2005


Disconnected C Drive power lead - reset D Drive jumpers to "master" rebooted all works OK.

Thanks for the help.

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