Re-install Win 7

  morddwyd 14:17 15 Sep 2012

I tried to install a retail copy of Win 7 on an Acer Asconia earlier in the week, but kept getting a rejection.

When I persevered I got a message saying certain essential files and drivers were missing, and to insert the installation disc.

I tried the 32 bit disc, and another 64 bit disc which I have, all kosher, and used elsewhere, but without result.

Any ideas?

This wasn’t failure to activate or anything, but a total failure to install, stopping after less than two minutes.

Even with updates and SPs etc, I would have thought a normal Windows installation disc would at least get to the activation page.

  KRONOS the First 14:42 15 Sep 2012

Can you provide a link to exactly the PC you are trying to install Windows 7 on?

  lotvic 17:04 15 Sep 2012

Is it the Iconia Dual Screen Touchbook that you got via Insurance to replace broken laptop?

  morddwyd 18:26 15 Sep 2012


  morddwyd 18:37 15 Sep 2012

Sorry - Iconia 484G6NS

  lotvic 01:35 16 Sep 2012

May I politely ask Why you are trying to destroy the pre-installed W7 and all the drivers and the Acer eRecovery program?

Have you burnt the Recovery DVDs for the Iconia?

  lotvic 01:43 16 Sep 2012

I apologise, I should have worded previous post better. However:

Acer eRecovery Management consists of the following functions:

1 Backup:

• Create Factory Default Disc

• Create Drivers and Applications Disc

2 Restore:

• Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults

• Restore Operating System and Retain User Data

• Reinstall Drivers or Applications

This chapter will guide you through each process. (starts on page 63 of manual)

  sharpamat 08:30 16 Sep 2012

Apart from the imporant points raised by Lotvic you have tried to install a full version of Win 7. This is somthing that has come up before on the forums before. So to add more questions

Where was this purchased from ?

By what method did you try to install ?

  morddwyd 08:59 16 Sep 2012

The reason I am reinstalling is because I installed a preview copy of Windows 8, designed specifically for modern touch screens.

Unfortunately it is apparently not yet ready, as the second screen became totally inoperative, blank, in any configuration.

It also made the recovery partition totally inaccessible, something unique in my experience.

I had already burnt recovery discs (and have now successfully used them) but the reason I was trying to install a perfectly legitimate retail copy of Win 7 64 bit was time (the Iconia requires an external optical drive and it takes about two hours) and to try to avoid loading all the dross which Acer includes and then having to uninstall it.

Having satisfied your curiosity, any ideas why a straight install of Win 7 from a Microsoft disc, which installed (with several reinstalls) on a previous touch screen Acer)would not even get past the "Windows is loading files" screen?

  onthelimit1 09:24 16 Sep 2012

I have recently spent two days trying to install a genuine and unused DVD of W7 on a Vista machine. Five times, the install just hung without asking for the COA. On the sixth time, it went as it should. Not logical, captain!

  lotvic 11:12 16 Sep 2012

I'm relieved you had the recovery dvds - thought it was unusual for you to not be fully covered in that respect :)

I can't help with the reasons for W7 DVD's not installing as don't have the experience to offer an opinion :(

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