RE :how easy to connect 1 laptop to router ?

  worcesterman47 10:49 31 Oct 2007

hi all again..right then...i still have no internet access...LAN showing as connected...logged into router set up page ( did get into that..then inserted username & password ( nothing else changed) saved & exited...then tried to access internet & got " page cannot be displayed"... so tried to get back into to check settings were correct as per instructions...could not even get into again "page cannot be displayed" was shown..on checking username i realised that i had inserted wrong details originally into router set up page ( few letters missing ) will that now stop me accessing ? seems all is/was set up correctly at first but now i cannot access ANY pages..should i /could i.. go right back to beginning & start over completely ( as though i had never tried to set up router) if so..what should i do ?..may thanks again

  johnnyrocker 10:56 31 Oct 2007

best bet i think is switch everything off and allow to reset which might work, if it does carefully enter correct details.


  johnnyrocker 11:01 31 Oct 2007

you would be better off sticking to one post for continuity.


  martjc 11:14 31 Oct 2007

...there is usually a reset device [accessible through a pinhole in the back of the router.] Sometimes you must insert a pin or press a little button for about ten seconds. This will clear the router settings. Next, reboot [unplug and re-plug] any separate modem. Then reconnect router and try again, this time getting the details right - don't forget, any password is probably case sensitive.

  worcesterman47 12:18 31 Oct 2007

firstly apologies for second thread..i assume i reset router while router is switched on( just plugged into the wall socket i mean)...yes?..then turn router off....reconnect router & all cables ( ie phone cable to router...and ethernet cable to router & laptop)..then i should be able to connect to ( isp's router configuration page) and re-enter correct username & password..then click save or apply or whichever..then reconfigure LAN network..once this is done..i should have internet access..that all seem correct so far ? if so..then reenter isp's router page & set SIDD etc etc..then apply or save..confirm that i still have internet access..then disconnect ethernet inserting wrong username in first that why i cannot access internet & isp's router settings on the laptop ?...many thanks again in advance

  worcesterman47 13:28 31 Oct 2007

FINAL question now..after i have reset router ( see above) i configure router first or LAN connection ? i know this has been answered in my other thread..but i cannot really work out which to do first...( as there is so much information to try to take in )thanks again

  worcesterman47 15:51 31 Oct 2007

anyone with help for above questions?...thank you

  martjc 11:17 04 Nov 2007 in my previous post, just connect everything up and run the router software. It should detect the machine and assign an ip address. The setup prog may require username and password, which I assume you have.

The rest of it should be automatic.

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