re- HELP documents for work

  jade25 12:25 30 Aug 2007

can anyone help me please, use vista and have updated drivers but l need to be able to send documents (word) for me to earn any money but l can not attach any pictures or doucuments and now it won't copy and paste anything. The edit above in firfox is greyed out.
another thinng thats happened on some websites on a google search firefox bookmark file comes up when l have click a website to view,
have started a new thead as this is different and can't scroll down to bottom of page,

  brundle 12:33 30 Aug 2007

I take it you cannot attach documents to emails - using the standard Vista email client Windows Mail?

  brundle 12:36 30 Aug 2007

If it's urgent and you are not too concerned about privacy, upload your files to a filehosting site and just send people a link. There are loads to choose from. click here for example.
You could zip the files and set a password to protect the documents and only tell those who need to know.

  jade25 13:22 30 Aug 2007

I didn't know you could host them but problem is each clas is done for each student and it would not not work but will remember it.
Have been looking at firfox in case problem
is there and one thing l found was if l
select all on edit tab copy comes up but its no
good as after copy need to go to doc in word brin
it back to paste it, sorry if there is mistakes but vista puts text over the right side bar and its hard to see it.
I use google mail

  brundle 13:52 30 Aug 2007

Not sure what you're trying to achieve - copying bits of webpages into Word documents? Do you get an error message when you select a file to attach to a mail in Googlemail? Have you closed the document you are trying to attach - it won't work if you are still editing it, or have left it open in Word at the same time - Word will have a `lock` on the file to stop other applications using it. If you get a load of HTML and formatting information from Firefox you might want to try the `Copy Plain Text` and Autocopy extensions; click here

  jade25 14:08 30 Aug 2007

What l do is either attach a class to an email which l have done for years, as it would not work l tried to copy and paste it into email so go up to edit and cannot click copy as they all pale and not working but select all is working but l just want to copy and paste as cannot attache a word file o a email

  brundle 14:16 30 Aug 2007

I understand now, just tried it myself - if Paste is greyed out then there is nothing in the clipboard, I just copied and pasted from a Word document into Googlemail, worked OK but ignored images in the original file. Why the document you copy doesn't stay on the clipboard when you switch to Firefox, I don't know.
Or are you referring to Copy in Word? Use Edit/Select All to highlight the entire document, then Edit/Copy. If nothing is selected then the options will be greyed out as you've already noticed.

  jade25 14:22 30 Aug 2007

I do it different but will try yourr way, l go to word findfile and highlight copy in the edit tab then go back open a email and go up to edit tab and click paste but it just won't work,

  brundle 14:26 30 Aug 2007

You mean you search for the actual file and copy from it's filename? That's an incompatible method of copying and pasting. The webpage has no way of knowing where the file is located on your system - you're just giving it a filename. TWhat goes wrong when you try to attach the file instead?

  jade25 15:38 30 Aug 2007

No l don't search for it from a web page l have them all in word file's in documents so l just highlight it and click on copy and after clicking an open email l click copy at the top.
But l have been trying to use keyboard commands and it works.
I just wish l could get pictures to attache to an email like l was doing a few days ago and have done in previous emails for 7 ears

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