Re-Formatting my Hard Drive

  DRiM 13:46 15 Jan 2004

I want to remove Windos 98, and everything else, from my hard drive to install XP and XP Office.

How do I format my hard drive?

Can anybody provide VERY simple instructions?



  Mat2 13:53 15 Jan 2004


If you boot the computer from the XP disk and go through the setup instructions after the agreement it will ask you which drive you would like to install XP onto, then it should give you the option to format that drive with different file systems. After that it will continue to install XP.


  stlucia 13:57 15 Jan 2004

I appreciate you may want to re-format your drive for some other reason, but you don't have to do so just to install Windows XP and Office. Windows XP installation disk will prompt you whether you want to upgrade from Windows 98 (which effectively means that it will remove it while it installs XP).

Then, if your problem is space, you can just delete files and/or folders without formatting the hard drive.

  DRiM 14:06 15 Jan 2004

I have tried to use the XP disk and it says it can't install or upgrade because of conflict issues etc, so I have decided to wipe the whole thing clean and start again.

I ahven't seen an option to format the disk on the XP menu.

When you say boot the computer using the XP disk do you mean that (ie put it in before switching on)?


  keenan 14:11 15 Jan 2004

As ' Mat2' use XP disk.
Simple guide
click here
click here

  Mat2 14:12 15 Jan 2004

Switch on the computer and insert the cd in the rom when you see "Press any key to boot from CD" , once a key is pressed the setup process will start.


  Djohn 14:18 15 Jan 2004

Hi DRiM, If you go into your BIOS and set your CD drive as "First boot drive" then save, exit, turn off PC.

Insert the XP CD into your drive and turn your PC back on. It will boot from the drive and just follow the instructions to do a clean install.

XP will format your drive and then start the install of files. During the install the PC will need to re-boot 2 more times and you will see a message on-screen to, "Press any key to Boot".

IGNORE this message and let XP continue to install from the Hard drive. It will reboot by itself.

The only reason you see this message is because your CD drive is set as first boot and if you press any key you will find yourself in an endless loop of installing/Rebooting.

If you are unsure of how to access the BIOS please post back and someone will guide you through.

Good luck, it's much easier than it sounds and once done you will have a nice clean, fast Operating system. j.

  DRiM 15:59 15 Jan 2004

Thanks guys, I did it without a hitch following Djohn's advice, thanks everybody.


  SEASHANTY 16:04 15 Jan 2004


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