RE-formatting HDD

  Mev 15:21 29 Jan 2003

Just got hold of an old pc for my sister to use for her college work. The hard drive is only 500Mb and is clogged full of half removed programs and other bits. I decided the best thing would be to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the O/S (Win 95).

I boot the computer with the win 95 boot floppy in the drive and the pc boots into DOS. Reading from a posting on this helproom i discovered i need to run the format program from the boot disk, but there is no format program on the disk. The contents of the disk are and mscdex.exe. There's no fdisk, nothing.

I looked in the computer (using find files) and found a file called which is an msdos application file. This is in the C:\Windows\Command directory. Do i need this file on the boot floppy? Do i need to get some sort of utility to format my drive??

Can someone please help, all i want to do is reformat the HDD, it shouldn't be that hard should it?

  midase 15:30 29 Jan 2003

If you have a Win 98 bootdisk then you can use this one as it will have the CD rom drivers on it as well. (Yes you can use a 98 Bootdisk) If do not have one then you can download one from click here

  TECHNODIMWIT 15:36 29 Jan 2003

click here.

try downloading one and try.


  Belatucadrus 16:09 29 Jan 2003

click here for a link to an acrobat document download on reformatting 9X systems. As already stated get a bootdisk with drivers or "Ultimate boot disk", available from click here .

  Diemmess 16:59 29 Jan 2003

You have only found one(major)snag so make sure you have the disks for all the drivers before you format.... e.g Video and sound cards as well as any apps you wish to put on for her.

  smegs 12:17 30 Jan 2003

Start the pc in dos. Type in format c:/s. This will keep Ur system files. When formatted, go in to D:\ drive. When there, type setup.exe then hit entre. This will put win95 on. Do make sure U have all the drivers like Diemmess has said.

  woodchip 12:49 30 Jan 2003

Create a startup disc in add/remove programs control panel it will then have all the needed files other than CDrom drivers. Or click here and get one you will be better getting the win 98 disc as it hase some CDrom drivers on it

  pj123 12:54 30 Jan 2003

email me and I will send you a floppy boot disk that will start anything (even my Morris Minor in the drive)


  Andles 13:00 30 Jan 2003

What drive letter is your Morris Minor in?

  pj123 13:47 30 Jan 2003


  Mev 20:55 02 Feb 2003

Sorry its taken me ages to reply to your replies. Been dead busy with college work. I think i should be able to sort it out with all the information in the links posted. Good job you mentioned the drivers Diemmess, i didn't even think about that, i'm sure i would have realised when i tried to get the thing working again. Anyway, thanks again. I'll post again if i get stuck any further.

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