re-formating my computer

  computerdiv 11:56 06 Oct 2005

how do i re-format my computer?
i have windows 98 installed and wish to wipe my entire hard dive and start over with windows xp.
can anyone run me through the process or tell me where to find it in a book or something.

  De Marcus™ 12:03 06 Oct 2005
  computerdiv 12:22 06 Oct 2005

havent yet wiped windows 98 off. do i have to do this first or will windows xp wipe it for me? if not how do i go about doing this

  MAJ 12:27 06 Oct 2005

You will get the option to format the hard drive during XP's installation, hence wiping Win 98 (and everything else), so make sure you have all your important documents, emails, pictures, etc. backed up to another hard drive, CD, DVD or somewhere else safe.

  Legolas 12:28 06 Oct 2005

When you begin installing XP it will ask if you want to do an upgrade or a clean install choose the latter and XP will format then install XP.

  computerdiv 12:46 06 Oct 2005

thanks folks. your a great help. hope i dont sod it up cause i won't be able to ask for more help if i do.


  keith-236785 16:29 06 Oct 2005

Please Please Please before you do this, find out the make/model of all the hardware in your system, you will need all the drivers for when you 98 is a pain to setup compared to winxp. but even winxp might not find all the drivers you need (probably will but.....)

check the craphic card/sound card/modem make and model, write down your dial up phone numbers and login details, passwords etc.....any imprtant documents should be saved to floppy or cd, formatting will destroy ALL data on the drive.

with preperation it should be a breeze but be warned if you dont know whats in your pc, maybe windows wont either and then the fun begins

cynical maybe but i have been bitten too many times.

belarc advisor is a program you can use to determine the hardware of your system.

try to locate the motherboard driver cd as this will contain drivers NOT supported by microsoft (microsoft will have enough of an idea to install default drivers to get your system up and running), but will not be able to install specific drivers such as SATA/Raid or some enhanced IDE drivers etc.

it might be that you do this and dont need it (hope so) but experience says it wont.

before you scrub win98, if it is still working, put in the winxp disc and run the hardware compatibility check, it should report any items not supported by winxp (dont worry too much though, it said my Microsoft mouse wasnt compatible) lol

best of luck

  sattman 16:50 06 Oct 2005

Paperman is so correct, without the correct backup information of what is on your computer and what drivers you have it can be real pain. Even with this information it can be problematic, For instance your monitor will work with many different drivers and may look ok but if the one it self selects is not correct it may be less efficient than it should be and it may be so slight a difference you dont even notice it at first, same applies to modems, any generic modem will work but it may not be compatible.

I dont wish to alarm but I think the possible results is worth mentioning.

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