re format, now says operating system not found

  cragis 19:32 03 Oct 2010

ive re formatted using my recovery disk for a zoostorm laptop. But after formatting it now says when booting that operating system not found or gives me a black screen with the message bootmgr not found press ctrl+alt+del to restart. i think its mgr definetly m something something lol. But serously any help would be so grateful. It has also said something like some kind of media not found. sorry ive given so little on this im not very pc litterate. So plze excuse me in adavance. Ill try to get exactly what it says.

  woodchip 19:37 03 Oct 2010

Sata Drivers need loading for the hard drive.

Using a Recovery CD should not Format your drive without it reloading Back to Factory Settings

  cragis 11:07 04 Oct 2010

yeah it did reload back to factory settings. And now i cant get it to boot back up now that ive ran the recovery disk. As i said in the 1st post im not and i have to really admit pc literate. So if u or anyone else could help me get back up and running. Id be forever indebted to you. Plze someone help me im at the point where i feel i should just bin it. But then i know someway on this forum with the help of someone in the know. I could probably very easy get it back up and running. Probably someone who knows what there talking about would have it working in the matter of minutes.

  woody 11:45 04 Oct 2010

How do you know it is back to original settings if it does not start?

Put the recovery cd back in and "ask" it to load again without reformating.

  woodchip 11:50 04 Oct 2010

If it does not start after running the Recovery CD then it sounds like you may have a Hardware Problem, i.e. faulty drive

  cragis 19:00 04 Oct 2010

ive ran it now twice and on both times it came back with the same message bootmgr missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart

  lotvic 19:45 04 Oct 2010

What Operating System? XP, Vista, W7 ?

  DarCol 20:10 04 Oct 2010

It's a problem with Boot Record, try to fix the MBR with Hiren's Boot CD. It should boot.

  cragis 20:11 04 Oct 2010

windows 7

  cragis 21:49 04 Oct 2010

now back up and running after a bit of perceverence my brother as i said has managed to fix it in the matter of minutes.

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