re: firefox can't logon

  gigagiggles 07:42 15 Jul 2009


after pca site's changes(?), i have been unable to log in using firefox. the only change at my end was the add-on adblock plus update.

i have logged in using ie tab add-on for the firefox 3.5 browser to post this query.

in addition to adblock plus and ie tab, i also have ad hacker, cleo, configuration mania, febe, ghostery, gui:config, menu editor, noscript and tweak network.

i am successful at other sites logging in. obviously, i could try and test disable each add-on one at a time. but if a cause is already known, that would be preferred.

i tried allowing scripts from the various site signataries short of global admittance:, googlesyndication, intellitxt, serving-sys. but attempts to log in ended in failure.

have the pca website gone through a coup by microsoft?

  InTheCity 08:32 15 Jul 2009

The only add on,i use off your list is adblock plus with the update.I dont have your issue so you can rule that out.No script and adblock dont like each other so maybe try disabling noscript.

  InTheCity 08:33 15 Jul 2009

create a new profile and test the various add ons
click here

  InTheCity 08:38 15 Jul 2009

more info but unlikely to be the issue
click here

  gigagiggles 11:25 15 Jul 2009


well, i've allowed all the scripts, ads and tracking cookies (norton quick scan found the low risk cookies from the internet explorer folders) from this site via noscript and no success in logging in.

i've disabled each of my add-ons and tried to log on and no success, leaving only the ie tab function which allowed me to post this reply.

while the conflict between adblock plus and noscript was newsworthy, yeah, not the issue here. it looks like the add-ons are not the issue at all.

has this website changed its requirements, a la, where cookies are explicitly required to be unblocked (firefox exceptions) before progress can take place?

if i were to go into my internet explorer settings and, after sweeping away the cobwebs, block cookies from this site's signataries, will that prevent my ie tab from allowing me to log on here?

creating a new firefox profile, and therefore unloading the baggage of blocked cookies, will seem to allow me to log on.

if that is indeed the case, have the decency, like, to inform us of which particular signatary's cookies are to be unblocked.

  gigagiggles 03:55 16 Jul 2009


i've discovered that i cannot log in to amd/ati's forum via firefox either, except with ie tab.

also, this forum cannot keep me logged in for any lengthy period. i would finish posting, read through other posts, look to respond and i have to log in, again.

oh yeah, i responded to a 'redirected' closed thread about the search facilities and the lack of results. are these forum-related symptoms interconnected to the recent site changes?

  octal 06:12 16 Jul 2009

It's probably a problem with your cookies, have a look at this thread click here

Backup all your bookmarks then find your profile folder and delete it, then start Firefox again and it will make a new profile for you, you will have to reinstall all your add-ons again as well, then re-import your bookmarks. This shows where your profile folder is click here

  gigagiggles 07:57 16 Jul 2009


the problem has been solved. cookies definitely were involved.

over the weekend coinciding with the site's changes, i installed adaware and a-squared separately. after playing with these two programs, i found them not to my liking - leaving hook-prints in the system when not in use. i uninstalled them and moved on.

well, one of them made a change to my system that i've overlooked. surprisingly, the change and the signs were in plain sight. the change was that my firefox browser's acceptance of cookies was unticked. i'm on that tab after every session to look for cookies to block and i didn't even give that unticked box a glance. the signs were that there were no new cookies for me to block these past few days. i had chalked it up to the newfangled 3.5 and its improved handling of cookies.

with the box ticked, everything is hunky-dory again, even with amd/ati's forum. oddly, with the box unticked, i have had no problems logging in at other sites.

as for the search function on this site, firefox and excel remain at one entry each and windows netted me a total of 10 entries from 2007 and earlier.

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