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  Storik 10:06 08 Feb 2005

I have just purchased a Maxtor One Touch 120GB external drive (to backup my computer and store photographic files) and an Iomega Desktop 120GB drive for my son's birthday.

The Maxtor connects to my computer without any problems whatsoever, but the Iomega is another matter.

The computer the Maxtor was attached to has MS Windows XP Home edition (was OEM)and my son's laptop runs the same operating system. It is a Dell Inspiron 510, and the Iomega connects without any trouble.

However neither of my computers can find the Iomega drive (both have USB2 ports). This is despite the computer with 98SE O/S installing the correct drivers.

Would be most grateful for any suggestions as to why this is. The Iomega was originally formatted with FAT32.


  Diemmess 10:16 08 Feb 2005

You say the laptop has the same OS (XP). Where does the 98SE come in?

It is a mistake to plug in a USB device to a 98SE system before the software has been installed.........
Once the software is installed then the first time the external drive is "hot plugged" in, Windows will find new hardware and install the drivers for the device. Thereafter, it should be found without trouble

  Storik 12:27 08 Feb 2005

Thanks for the taking the time to reply.

I have TWO computers. One with XPHome, the other with Win98SE.

I tried several different ways to install the Omega drive. Leaving the USB unplugged until the software was installed (Win98SE)and then connecting to the computer and switching on the drive. - no joy! With XP I did they same, but it didn't seem to need drivers. Then I tried a reboot with the Omega switched on - and another with it switched off until the O/S had loaded - still no joy.

In Windows98SE, despite having a "safe USB uninstall" icon on the desktop - when trying to do this with the Omega drive swiched on - I get an error message "there is no USB peripheral connected to the computer".

I'm rather puzzled about this. Only wanted to partition the drive, but obviously this was not possible. Tried it on 98SE because I have Partition Magic on that computer.


  Storik 13:44 08 Feb 2005

I decided to play around with the Omega and my two computers again.

I didn't remove the USB cable from a previous connection of the Maxtor and connected the Iomega to the computer via this.

Both computers recognised the Iomega with the Maxtor USB cable attached.

Don't ask me why! However, mystery solved and all's well with my computer world - er for now!


  Danoh 14:39 08 Feb 2005

Dodgy Iomega USB cable, presumably? If the cable was bundled with the Iomega and is a recent purchase, get a new replacement cable anyway.

"The computer the Maxtor was attached to has MS Windows XP Home edition (was OEM)and my son's laptop runs the same operating system." Unquote.

I think that's why we thought both PCs was running XP.

  Storik 14:51 08 Feb 2005

"I think that's why we thought both PCs was running XP."

Oh dear, I'm sorry. There are actually THREE computers involved. My son's laptop and TWO belonging to me. One with XP and the other with 98SE.

The USB cable from the Omega drive will work with my son's laptop, but not with my two PC's. Haven't, as yet tried the Maxtor cable on my son's laptop.

Will try and be more explicit next time - sorry.


  Diemmess 14:52 08 Feb 2005

In 1988 when I had troubles with a then - new Iomega Jaz drive, I was able to use 0800 973194 for as much free and useful tech help as I needed.
All sorts of bits were replaced free and though the eventual solution showed it was my fault in not terminating a SCSI bus correctly, Iomega were exemplary in the way they dealt with my problem.

Maybe there is still that sort of help available to any that need it?

Glad it is sorted now anyway.

  Danoh 23:56 08 Feb 2005

No worries, Storik. Did you see my grammar? "both PCs was" instead of "were"? :-)

3 PCs; presumably Laptop & 1 desktop are XP with the 2nd desktop as 98SE?

If the laptop was running 98SE then that would be some sort of common factor for why the Omega USB cable works with it. Although I can't see why it won't work with XP.....

  Storik 10:48 09 Feb 2005

Diemmess: I've had both external hard drives for less than a week, and so will try your suggestion of contacting Iomega - you never. Must register the drive first, I presume?

Danoh: I knew what you meant anyway, lol. The laptop runs XP Home edition, same as one PC. Just one of those odd mysteries I suppose.


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