Re-Enable Has anyone tried it.

  birdface 08:59 02 Sep 2010

Hi just came across this and thought that it may be a handy program to use.
As I have never used it before I am just wondering if anyone else has tried it with any success.

click here

  johndrew 10:09 02 Sep 2010

The User Reviews on the site also give confidence but given that it takes virus type damage to allow you to test it fully it must remain a bit of an unknown until needed in anger.

I shall keep a copy as a 'back pocket' tool and hope I never have the need to use it.

  justme 10:26 02 Sep 2010

I would much prefer to have a complete copy of the hard disk via acronis or paragon drive backup rather than rely on something like this.

However, if you are in the situation where you need a program like this, it would be worth trying instead of opting for a full reinstallation of the system and all your programs. If it didn't work then you are no worse off.

  Woolwell 10:29 02 Sep 2010

I'm trying to work out what this provides which is not provided by a rescue disc from an antivirus suite.

  MAJ 11:01 02 Sep 2010

It could be useful, but for the reason johndrew gave, I haven't tried it yet, I'll give it a go next time someone shouts for help down the phone. It's difficult to beat the Acronis backup. The problem with a lot of viruses is that they disable the use of exe files, so running regedit, cmd, rstrui etc. is difficult unless you rename them. SAS portable in the first instance and then MBAM can remove the virus but, often, not the damage the virus causes to the registry, if that's it's modus operandi. I don't get viruses but I have a registry backup, just to try out, if I do get hit.

  birdface 11:05 02 Sep 2010

Well just thought that it could come in handy.
As you always have someone asking for advice about getting system restore or other faults working again.
I know I could have done with a program like that when using XP and could not get system restore to work no matter what I tried.
Now whether it would have worked or not is the question.

  tangomouse 00:37 12 Sep 2010

Im assuming your talking about Re-enable ?? from tangosoft? ,well i can assure you all it works 100% and it was tested extensively before its release. and how do i know? well im the programmer of Re-enable , I would also like any feedback and any suggestions for future updates ,a few suggestions ive had are repair the TCP/IP Stack & Winsock issues with windows XP, vista/win7, reset IE proxy settings to default, reset windows firewall to default settings and also resetting hosts ,My contact details are on tangosoft web site and theres also links to a facebook page and discussion forum.

Best Regards

P.s I would love it if pc advisor would stick it on a cover disc and also review it. thanks again

  birdface 08:35 12 Sep 2010

Now that is what you call a good response.
Straight from the Top.
Unfortunately I have never had the need to use it and nobody reporting any difficulties that need the help of it.
Cover disc for PCA seems like it could be a good idea but I would imagine would need to be tested first.
Sods law normally we have someone that cannot get into system restore or have problems elsewhere that could have been tried out using this program.
And nothing has emerged since I posted it.
tangomouse i am not sure who you would contact in PCA for them to produce a cover disc but if you look under About or Magazine at the top it will give you details of who is who in PCA.
Failing that maybe contact the Forum Editor for his advice.
Good luck it looks like a very good program but unfortunately not been able to test it out on anyone yet.

  lucky1 21:29 12 Sep 2010

Thanks for the tip Buteman. Could come in very useful!

  birdface 22:01 12 Sep 2010

I keep it in my favorites in case I need to use it.

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