Re-Directing a web address

  cbr keith 17:21 11 Aug 2007


I'm sure this must be a simple thing to do, but I can't find a definate answer anywhere!

What I'd like is to have a domain name with my host (which only seems to register .com addresses) - click here. Then also register the same name as a (click here) but if anyone types the address into their browser, have them automatically re-directed to click here.

There will only be one actual site at the .com address.

Could anyone tell me how to go about this please, in simple terms!

Thanks in advance for your help

  P1d 17:41 11 Aug 2007

Depending on who your provider is, you can usually point the . co . uk address to the same servers that host . com I know if I log into the people who provide my domain name I can point the name to wherever I like so I can point as many different addresses I want to the servers that host my site.

I hope this makes sense.


  P1d 17:42 11 Aug 2007

Sorry forgot to add.....who is the provider of your domain name? if its the same as anyone on here they may be able to provide step by step instructions.


  powerless 17:43 11 Aug 2007

Your first link does allow

and for sending to .com click here

[ unless you used mydomain . com as an example ]

  cbr keith 19:10 11 Aug 2007

Excellent, thanks for the info.

I did enter the mydomain as an example - didn't realise they'd turn into "click here" on their own!

I've been looking at using bluehost (click here) as my web host as they seem to provide all I'd need for a reasonable cost - unless you'd have a better idea?

I'm going to use OSCommerce (click here) so need PHP4, MySQL, and my own SSL cert.

Do you think there are any disadvantages with using a US based host, when I'm in the UK? Or do you know of any good, reasonably priced UK hosts. I was waiting for Clook (click here), but their upgrade seems to be taking forever!

  P1d 19:59 12 Aug 2007

I use WebMania click here and haven't had any issues over the years, they are quick to respond to questions and have live support over a chat feature which has worked great for me.

There are a few, different people will recommend different suppliers, I believe Heart Internet are also good hosts.

I hope this helps.


  cbr keith 15:09 13 Aug 2007

Many thanks for the info.

Web-Mania looks good - thanks for the tip.

You're right - a US host would be a pain if I had problems. I'll stick with a UK host.

Any more recommendations for a UK host with PHP & MySQL?


  djbenny 13:51 14 Aug 2007

usually when you buy the domain there is usually option to edit the name servers, there is usually a redirect link with that somewhere too.

  Pathologist 13:56 17 Sep 2007

I have a now defunct web site on my old ISP's server. The site consists series of pages on a variety of different subjects. One of these pages has several 100 hits per week, up to 1800 per month. Since I've dumped my old ISP I can't update my sites, which are still on the old server and found by Google. I want to redirect this traffic to my new site, which I've replicated on my new ISP's server. The domain names are just those given me by my two ISPs. Can I point/redirect from the old to the new and, if so, how?

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