Re-chargable battery help ????

  roygbiv 14:55 11 Aug 2004

I have a FuliFilm 205s
Uniross photo charger
aa, Ni-MH batteries (1300 mAh )
the batteries only last a few shots (4-6 ) before charging again !!
i dont use the camera much (once a week)
even the fully charged batteries dont last,
Am i doing somthing wrong ??

  Salinger 15:01 11 Aug 2004

You could try higher capacity batteries, 2300 mAh for example. Maybe your charger is not fully charging them.

  roygbiv 15:10 11 Aug 2004

any ideas on how i test if the charger is working properly

  Totally-braindead 15:19 11 Aug 2004

Theres definetely something wrong here. 1300mah are not exactly tops when it comes to capacity but you should get at least 20-30 shots before they go flat enough to affect the camera. Nimh batteries do not aquire a memory unlike Nicads so its unlikely that it is the problem, I think either the batteries are knackered which is possible but only if they are quite old, the most likely answer is your charger isn't fully charging them. I would go to click here and buy a set of new batteries and charger from them. I've just had a quick look and if you order click here its only £10.99 with 4 higher capacity batteries than you already have. Alternatively, to check what you have got already get someone else to charge your batteries with his charger and see what difference that makes to number of shots.

  leco1938 16:18 11 Aug 2004

you need to know that the camera could be at fault... ??? the first batch of the fuji s7000 had a serious problem, irrespective what capacity of the batteries loaded, their life was very short. on the second batch of the s7000 the problem was corrected.

  roygbiv 12:29 12 Aug 2004

Overnight I charged the batteries (for 15 hrs).
After this time (using a tester) the batteries were only at half charge ?.
I think i will get a new charger complete with batteries Alan

  woodchip 12:41 12 Aug 2004

You can get 2500 but I have 2300

  cga 13:07 12 Aug 2004

It might be good to read this click here One key point is that it harms NiMH to run them on charge without cutoff.

Yes, the camera can be at fault if it requires too high an input voltage to operate (voltage drops during usage) but it more likely is the batteries.

Get good NiMH batteries with a charger designed for them (rather than a multi-purpose NiCD NiMH charger) and you will, almost certainly, find that solves your problem.

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