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  taz39 20:57 09 Jan 2003
  taz39 20:57 09 Jan 2003

i know i have already asked this guys, sorry, but im getting nowhere with this problem
i got a cd rewriter and got the local computer shop to install it for me, but i cant seem to get it working right.
i make a new folder on my front desk with the songs i want to record, then goto nero to burn them, this is where the problems start.
i cannot put the complete folder in, i have 2 drop the songs in one by one and it wont even except all off them, then when i try to make the cd an error message appears, i am getting about 16seconds of the first song and thats it.
please help me if you can and im not to good at understanding computer talk so keep responses as simple as possible for me to understand.
thanks in advance for any help.

  eccomputers 22:48 09 Jan 2003

I dont think you are doing this right. I think you are meant to go into nero, create a database and it copies your selected tracks into your harddrive in the format it wants. When finished you put a cd-r into the drive and burn the tracks.

  taz39 03:24 10 Jan 2003

thanks 4 ur response but im still getting nowhere....
i tried wot u said and nero tried 2 put ALL my music on2 a cd....i wouldn't mind if that worked but it didn't.
i'm trying 2 make a cd using some song tracks i've downloaded, i use kazaa 2 download songs.
i have downloaded the new version of windows media player, real one and nero.
its driving me nuts!
i only have 2 blank cd's left out of 13.
when i try 2 make a cd i am clicking on the button for TEST AND BURN, the test goes ok, then it goes to burn and it wont!.....any more advice?
thanks in advance

  wawadave 03:32 10 Jan 2003

if the test in nero goes and the burn does not.
than you might not have fasteough cd-r,s in the drive lower burn speed try it at 4x when you click burn a wizird comes up right side part way down there you found test and burn should be one like it for the speed. if this dont do it than the cd-rw most likely faulty.

  taz39 03:41 10 Jan 2003

wawadave, thanx 4 the info, im gonna try it now, ill let u know if it works!......fingers crossed!

  taz39 04:12 10 Jan 2003

wawadave, it didn't work
i changed speed to 4x and i got this message....
The following files or folders had to be renamed to make them compatible with the CD file system.....
I clicked CONTINUE.....there where 2 songs listed.....
NERO started 2 test then i got the message.....
Prepartion of IS09660 structure failed.
i don't understand wots going on? u?
please help if u can.

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