Re Cant see Hard Drive

  Jane doe 11:47 23 Jan 2003
  Jane doe 11:47 23 Jan 2003

Morning Lads, again. Bit of info to Siriad and all those that tried to resolve the issue I was having regarding the second hard drive that I was given but could not see it on any computer. (see earlier post)The problem is now resolved after contacting Seagate and I thought this might be of interest to you as you amass your huge store of experience and knowledge. Apparantly the problem was caused by Power Tools 2003 XP which Sue had on her computer. There was a conflict between the ESDI controller(what ever that is) which PT puts on drives and the computers IDE controller so it locks out!

Re: Normally, this error indicates that there may be a conflict with the ESDI controller and the onboard IDE controllers. You may need to remove the ESDI controller from HD on original machine to alleviate this issue. Try looking for some sort of disk utility recently installed that takes control of the discs, eg Power Tools.

So we put the disc back in Sues computer as a second drive and did a search for power tools, once found we removed it via control panel, rebooted and hey presto the drive info was back. I hope this feedback is of some value to you.

  AndySD 11:51 23 Jan 2003


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