re- breeding calculaters crashing pc

  jade25 22:59 09 Apr 2008

Can anyone help, l use vista and every so often a small calucater comes on screen there there's more and have had up to 12 then computer crashes, whilw l have typed this its crashed 6 times.
I have never used a calculater, when its crashed it comes back with pc lockedd
Takes ages to get it to take password;ldsa

  Totally-braindead 23:15 09 Apr 2008

Don't know much about Vista so only suggestion is try to do a system restore to before the time the problem appeared.

  Totally-braindead 23:17 09 Apr 2008

It does sound to me like a sticking key on the keyboard, if your PC has a shortcut assigned to the calculator and this/these keys were sticking it would cause this.
Sorry only thing I can think of. Easy to check if you have access to another PC though - borrow the keyboard and see what happens.

  jade25 09:47 10 Apr 2008

You were right, it was a key on my keyboard but took till now when l was looking at keyboard and saw the calculater picture so put old keyboard on but have been fighting all night trying to get password in as it was just filling space with dots.
SCAN sorry about caps.
I have spybot as well but am not keen on it and was told here to just use defender as firewall, is that still right as was used to using zone till l changed to vista, worse thing l evr did,wil be changing as soon as l can afford to,

  Fingees 09:58 10 Apr 2008

providing you've enough memory for Vista. About 2 g, it works very well.

I use Superantispyware.
It takes about 20 minutes for a full scan, but it runs in the background for protection all the time.

I certainly would not go back to Xp.

There are always bad comments about all new operating systems. It happened when XP came out.

Now the same people want to go back to it.

All the best.

  jade25 10:33 10 Apr 2008

Thanks for getting back, l use that spyware and if l do a custom scan it takes more that 3 hours and its also running in the background.
But a friend got the same pc Packard Bell and she is having the same problems which include not working with the printer, tried so many things l just work round it now.
As the spyware is taking all that time what could l use, have unsubscribed super anti spyware and then put a new versian in but it was the same.
I blame my make of pc and l think as l got it as soon as vista was out, would have been better if l had waited a bit as mine has just had vista put in it as it was a xp maybe l am wrong but my friend is in the same position as l am,

  Totally-braindead 10:42 10 Apr 2008

Well I'm running XP not Vista and a full scan for me takes between 15 mins and half an hour. I suppose part of the reason for the timing is dependant on how large the drive is, bigger drive more time to scan.

Theres loads of programs for antispyware and all are free. If you are having bother with Superantispyware then delete it and try something else. Theres AdAware click here and AVG Antispyware click here theres others of course but many I haven't tried.

Do check before trying them that they are Vista compatible, I think they are but check anyway.

  jade25 10:52 10 Apr 2008

Thank you, am going to read them and pick one, l always liked avg and have the virus software.
You said about memory, can you tell me how to find it so l can check as on xp lknew.
I don'think i am short even though l have lots of art as that is what l do so pictures has a lot but l also deleted a lot last week,

  Eric10 11:03 10 Apr 2008

"have been fighting all night trying to get password in as it was just filling space with dots"

This is not a fault but is a normal Windows feature where the password you enter is hidden so that it is kept secret should anyone be looking at your screen.

To check the amount of memory in Vista:
Click the Start orb then right-click on Computer and chose Properties. This will list your system information including installed memory.

  jade25 11:43 10 Apr 2008

It was the calculater button on keyboard that was the problem but l never switch pc off very much because it takes forever to log on so l have used the sleep option to get on a lot quicker but yesterday l had installed updates and it was switched off then .
It let me use the online keyboard and kept saying welcome when l had got the password right but then switched back to sign on screen, but change of keyboard and it did it first time,

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