re: the blue font 'click heres' on this forum!!!!

  Mezzo 23:32 28 Jan 2003

is this done using html in the post response section e.g. a href "click here"> etc etc???

  PSF 23:35 28 Jan 2003

Just type in an URL or copy and paste one and it will be converted when you click post response.

  leo49 23:36 28 Jan 2003

Just type or copy and paste the url,speak aloud the words "click here", and the site will magically change it for you.

It's all in the site software.


  Cordy13 23:39 28 Jan 2003

'tis magic!

  00edgarj 23:48 28 Jan 2003

Have a look back at this post and you will see your example of html code has changed into a click here.

for another example, if i am trying to tell you the microsoft web address, i cannot type it out in full even if i want to. Let's try it...

click here


I have to do

w w w . m i c r o s o f t . c o m

It's a really clever feature that makes it much easier to get to web pages people recommend!

and best of all - no HTML!

Hope this helped,


  Stuartli 23:52 28 Jan 2003

Just leave off the www and you won't get the blue link....:-)

It's a question that's been answered numerous times on the forum but, of course, the search facility is not quite as good these days...:-(

  Mezzo 10:02 29 Jan 2003

thanks all. i forgot i posted this question. i was drunk last night!

  Djohn 10:07 29 Jan 2003

Mezzo, Write out 100 lines in blue! " I must not get myself inebriated without consulting the forum" ;o)

  Andsome 10:19 29 Jan 2003

Can't take it eh???

  Legolas 10:32 29 Jan 2003

Mezzo www. does'nt exist is it a alchohol reabilitation site(:-]

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