Re assigning programs to open graphics

  geoff47 00:51 27 Oct 2005

I have just Uninstalled Irfanview as I have Photshop.
But can no longer open any photos because they are all assigned to be opened by an uninstalled Program.
How do I change this?
I seem to remember that Ifanview did it automatically...any adice?
Many thanks in advance

  DieSse 00:59 27 Oct 2005

In XP - right-click on a file - choose *open with* - click *choose program* - select the program you want to use, and tick the box *always open with this program

  geoff47 10:15 27 Oct 2005

Sorry I am using win 98,
when clicking to open a file I get a notice saying windows cant find I-VIEW32EXE.
I have scatched my head trying to find the solution.... always end up at PC advisor.

  Haol 11:04 27 Oct 2005

it should be the same if you're using 98, atleast i remember it to be.

  keith-236785 11:13 27 Oct 2005

open my computer, on the menu bar click tools (might be under view in win98) select folder options, then click "file types" tab

once the list appears, scroll down to a picture file (such as bitmap or gif image) and click on the change button where it says open with....

then select whatever prog you want to open the pictures (windows picture and fax viewer (winXP)) should be something similar in 98.

make sure there is a tick in the "always open with this program) box then click OK

that should be all you need to do (but you might have to do it for all picture files im not sure though.) the error message you get is because it cant find the file I-VIEW32EXE because this was the exe file for irfanview which you have uninstalled. after you change the default viewer you wont get the message again.

good luck

  Simsy 12:34 27 Oct 2005

the first step is to left click to highlight a file, then HOLD DOWN SHIFT while right clicking...

Then you get the "Open with..." option, and follow DieSse instructions.



  geoff47 23:27 27 Oct 2005

Sorry I need more help.....I am using Win98 and when going My Computor/View/Folder options/File Types ....I scroll down to JPG File and see the following options.
New Type....Change Icon
Description of Type.
Asociated Extension.
Content Type (MIME) with a greyed out Default Extension for Content Type

OR Remove which is not really and option at this stage if I want view images?

OR Change Icon
Description Type with an already filled JPG
Content Type (MIME)
Actions....with a prefilled.... Open in a box
Underneath the options

So I am lost as to the help given I being slow here?
Thanks for your patience

  Simsy 00:19 28 Oct 2005

by paperman will work, when alll the details are followed in the right order, it's much easier to use the method DieSse indicated.

Have you tried that again, with my advice on how to start the process?



  geoff47 02:48 28 Oct 2005

I have in fact used the DieSse method and Simsy's.
I am using Win98 but if you left click on the file you want to any particular sequence........then right click while holding shift you get the option to choose "Open with"

I had uninstalled a thinning out exercise....but found when I allocated image opening to Photoshop it took too long to see the thing and Photoshop had to open....taking a lot longer than Irfanview I re installed Irfanview.
Now I cant get a preview of the image as I did before .....I dont want to ask do I get that back?
Pain in the butt aint I?

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