Re-appearing "deleted items" on AOL 8

  geordielad307 14:02 22 Jan 2004

Can anyone help with this mystery.? Whenever I delete threads on AOL favourites, they disappear OK .... only to re-appear the next time I go online. Added to this mystery is that when I try to access a thread n the Favourites list the cursor changes to an egg-timer shape most times, and I can only clear it by pressing the "escape" tab. A few WILL go to the chosen link, but most will not.
This is driving me crazy. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Bill.

  gold 47 14:57 22 Jan 2004

Uninstall AOL8 on boot up do a search for AOL and delete these files reboot and reinstall AOL8 disable any Antivirus looks like the AOL files are corrupt.

  geordielad307 06:36 23 Jan 2004

Hi Gold 47, Thanks for the fast response. I think perhaps the solution is a little more than you suggest. My wife also uses the same computer, with her own AOL8 account and she does not have this problem as I do . Still a mystery?

  Djohn 12:17 23 Jan 2004

geordielad307 Before doing an un-install of the software, there are several options to try. First one to try is deleting the files as these may have become corrupt. This will not harm your or your wifes settings in any way.

In windows click on the start button then search. In the search window, type the word.

Include hidden files and folders, any and all that are found, delete. Re-boot the PC and log onto AOL, the folder/files will be rebuilt new for you as AOL loads. Give this a try and let us know how you get on. If this does not cure the problem, then we can try a couple of other things before doing a re-install of the software. j.

  geordielad307 17:33 23 Jan 2004

Hi DJohn, :-) Found and deleted all the files. Than rebooted and deleted all unwanted AOL8 favourites, but after signing off and re-signing on ..... all deleted Favourites had reappeared. Thanking you for your efforts, Bill.

  Djohn 20:31 23 Jan 2004

OK next thing to try is AOL screen but do not log-on. Preferences/internet options. and the IE style window will open. From there delete history, then clear "Files" click OK and exit. Now close down the AOL screen and open the IE screen. click on tools/internet options and delete cookies from there.

Quite safe to delete your history and files, but before deleting your cookies make sure you can remember all your sign-in details for secure sites such as this one that require you to enter your e-mail and password again.

Once you have deleted your cookies, do a defrag of the drive and re-boot. This may do it.

  Djohn 12:48 07 Feb 2004

Hi DJohn, Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you ..... I've tried all that you suggested, but problem still exists !!! Greatest mystery is to why it does not effect my wifes favourites in this way


Any more advise on this problem please. j.

  Djohn 23:08 09 Feb 2004

Just bringing back to the top, anyone able to help geordielad307?

  IMAGEDKTR1 23:17 09 Feb 2004

aol favs are not stored on users pc (not in ver 8 ) they are stored on aols servers. if you have problems deleting them try using keyword "live help " from aol they will talk you through it )unless you get a jobsworth muppet. just the luck of the draw . :-)

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