re-allocating memory

  vienna1981 10:22 08 Jan 2003
  vienna1981 10:22 08 Jan 2003

hi, nearly 6 months ago my pc had to be reformatted after an apparant power surge, after everything windows was installed i noticed that my RAM was appearing as 48mg where it used to be 64mg, i have posted about this problem many times, but one recent suggestion was that my graphics was using the 16mg of memory. How do i relocate the memory away from the graphics, as my pc was fine before this 16mg went missing? as when i run the broadband checker to see whether my pc is suitable for broadband the only thing that is failing me is the low memory (i need 64mg, but the checker is picking it up as only 48mg).

  vienna1981 10:24 08 Jan 2003

my os is win98se, and it is a cyrix III CPU

  Djohn 11:00 08 Jan 2003

click here I have linked your first question to here so that others will be able to read and advise. Regards, J.

  vienna1981 12:38 08 Jan 2003

Thanks DJohn. I know that I'll have to go into BIOS but I'm not sure which section it'll be under or whether the graphics will need a certain amount of memory, its just confusing me as to why my pc was fine at 64mb but then 16mb disappears! I don't think the power surge (if thats what it was i was away at the time and my brother claimed it was due to a power surge!) caused any internal damage to the pc.

  vienna1981 13:21 08 Jan 2003

i decided to try something on my own! i went into BIOS and went to "Advanced Setup", there was an option which was "Share Memory Size", this lets me allocate a portion of the main memory for use by the onboard VGA display. It was set at 16MB (probably the missing MB) but the lowest I could set it to was 2MB, which i did, my memory is now coming up as 62MB!! My PC was originally at 64MB when i got it and now i can't seem to revert back to this! Is there another option in BIOS where i can fix this?

  nightporter 13:34 08 Jan 2003

The onboard graphics will need some memory or the whole thing will go t*** up. Setting it as low as 2mb's will also mean some programs wont work. Could you not buy some more RAM as it has never been cheaper, like 128mb for £12

  vienna1981 13:37 08 Jan 2003

where could i buy 128MB for £12?

  nightporter 14:02 08 Jan 2003
  vienna1981 14:11 08 Jan 2003

i just ordered it from another site, so hopefullt this extra memory will improve my pc. I'm just a bit worried about installing the memory when i get it, dont wanna electrocute myself!

  Djohn 14:19 08 Jan 2003

vienna1981, No problem at all, when your memory arrives, post in here on this same thread if you can. (You will be able to find it from "My Postings").

Someone will talk you through it, and everything will be OK. Regards, J.

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