RE Activate XP pro ?

  Furkin 09:00 10 Jan 2011

Hi guys,
Bit by bit I've been updating my machine.
I've now hit the point where MS wants me to RE activate my O.S.
When I click YES, I get a blue box - outline only.
It's obviously the box that has either more buttons on it, or fields for this or that,,,, but all I get is the frame of the box, and can still see the desktop through it.

How long does reactivation usually take ?
This morning I left this frame on the screen for over 30 minutes, just in case it was actually doing something that I couldn't see,,, but as I couldn't do anything else I had to stop it.

I only have 1 day to activate.

Any ideas please,,,, or does anyone know a contact telephone number for MicroSoft - UK please ?


I also need to know the form factor of my case. It currently contains a KM400-8235 M.B.

many thanks

  Graham. 09:36 10 Jan 2011

0203 147 4930, 0800 018 8354.

  onthelimit 09:40 10 Jan 2011

(0) (800) 018 8354

  onthelimit 09:41 10 Jan 2011

Graham - you're too quick for me!

  onthelimit 09:43 10 Jan 2011

Bear in mind that if the OS was originally OEM, MS may refuse to activate it and will direct you to the computer manufacturer to purchase a new code - around £30. At least, that's what happened to me the last time.

  Furkin 10:14 10 Jan 2011

Thanks for a rapid reply guys.
I've tried 3 other numbers on the MS site,,,, but I can't get throught to a real person.

I bought this version of XP pro direct from M.S.

I'll try the numbers that you suggest,,,,,

back soon,,,,,

  Furkin 10:18 10 Jan 2011

all numbers lead to the same switchboard,,,, which is no help to me.

Whilst I obviously have the 'key', I don't have the 6 figure number that they ask for on the fully automated switchboard.

I really need to speak to a person as I have to get around - what I think - is a problem (the frame only part of the program).

  onthelimit 10:35 10 Jan 2011

I did get to speak to someone by just hanging on to that 0800 number.

  onthelimit 10:36 10 Jan 2011

Just wondering if you've had a duff reinstall - may be worth trying again?

  Furkin 10:44 10 Jan 2011

I'll try the number again.

I didn't do a re install - just 'as is'.

  GaT7 11:19 10 Jan 2011

See if the solution at 'Blank Activate Windows page in the Windows Product Activation Wizard' click here is any good.

As onthelimit says, keep hanging on, or pressing the 0 (zero) button repeatedly.

1 day to activate? That's odd, I always get 30.

If this was a repair-install, see this related problem with solutions that helped a few click here.


Form factor of case is most likely mATX, especially if it is an Acer T120 (from your previous thread click here).

But please note that it doesn't always go according to motherboard size. In other words, one can have a mATX motherboard housed in a larger ATX case. But not the other way around - an ATX motherboard won't fit in a mATX-only case. G

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