BBez 10:25 12 Dec 2004

hi, want to add an old, ATA-100 20Gb 5400RPM, Hard Disk Drive to my existing system for keeping backups of "my-docs" folder on existing e:\ drive, which is configured as:

Primary Master:

Maxtor Diamond Max 120Gb ATA-133, 7400RPM HDD

Primary Slave:

Maxtor Diamond Max 80Gb ATA-133, 7400RPM HDD

Secondary Master:

Pioneer 108 DVD-RW Drive

Secondary Slave:

Free Slot...

can i had this ATA-100 20Gb 5400RPM, Hard Disk Drive to my existing system as a slave device to the DVD-RW device without effecting the performance of the DVD-RW device...

(i know the hdd will run at the speed of the slower device, which isn't an issue...

i'm mainly concerned about discs crashing when being burnt if the HDD is connected...)

any hep, tia

  Gongoozler 10:53 12 Dec 2004

This should work ok, although you may have problems writing from the 20G drive to the DVD-RW. If you do have problems, then you can add a PCI IDE card and get another 2 IDE slots.

As an aside, your thread title does little to attract help ;-)

  temp003 11:02 12 Dec 2004

Agree with Gongoozler.

Also, modern IDE disk controllers can handle independent speeds for master/slave devices on the same channel, so your 20GB hdd won't actually default to the speed of the burner (this restriction only applies to fairly old ide disk controllers).

The restriction remains that data can be accessed from only one device at a time on the same IDE channel. Hence potential problem when burning data from the 20GB hdd as noted by Gongoozler.

The other potential problem is sometimes a certain combination of optical drive and hdd doesn't like the hdd being slave to the master optical drive, but this is now rare.

  BBez 00:11 13 Dec 2004

thanks for the info, think i'll go for a controller card...

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