Razr V3, How can I find the date it was made?

  JAS100 15:20 02 Feb 2008

I am trying to find the approximate date of manufacture of a Motorola Razr V3 on the Orange network. I was told it is only about 2months old but a local shop says it is of a type made several years ago. Will any of the numbers inside the phone tell me this?

  brundle 15:28 02 Feb 2008

type #*0000# on the keypad for the software/ROM version - if there have been a number of updates it may help you to narrow it down

  Technotiger 15:29 02 Feb 2008

That model came out I believe in 2004. Have a look inside, you might find a date perhaps near your IMEI number, usually under the battery (at least it is, on my Nokia) - just remove the cover as per replacing battery or sim card,

  JAS100 15:59 02 Feb 2008

Thanks for your help but #*0000# does not give anything at all, pressing the dial number after it says not 'available'. I have also looked under the battery but cannot see anything like a date.

  brundle 16:31 02 Feb 2008

"software version can be found in phone status menu" according to a search, and apparently *#9999# is another combo for ROM version. The 0 one has worked on every nokia I've had, I thought it worked for all makes

  Technotiger 16:38 02 Feb 2008

Anyway, I reckon your local shop was correct.

  bowman 16:41 02 Feb 2008

A quick way to tell the rough date of the phone would be to look at the date stamp of the default pictures, this is normally the date the software was loaded.

Hope this helps.

  JAS100 18:02 02 Feb 2008

Still no luck. My previous Razr V3 gives me various version codes in subfolders of the phone status 'Other information' menu, but the supposedly 2month old one does not have an 'Other Information' folder option to view these.

With regard to the default pictures, The Razr I know I bought new in Nov 2005 has default pictires dated Jan 00 (The model was not available then), The Default pictures on the questionable phone are Nov 06

  bowman 21:18 02 Feb 2008

Turn the phone off, Then if you hold the STAR + HASH + red POWERbutton at the same time for about five seconds this will activate the Bootloader menu and you will see the software version. R315...is the early phones 2004/5 and R415... 2005/7 I think.

Plus you will see the BootLoader version, if this is 07... then its an early phone, 08..is I think about 2005/6 and oA...is 2006/7...

This is if the phone has not had a software update or has been Modded of course?

My V3 is a V3r version and that is 2006 with R415... 0A...

To get out of the menu just turn the phone off.

Hope this helps.

  JAS100 01:57 03 Feb 2008

Wow you guys are getting technical!!!
My old phone that I bought as new in November 2005 gave the following:

SW Version R374_G_OE.40.3 ER_A

This seems to tie in with what you have said regarding its age

The phone under question did not give any results despite trying several times.

I have just bought this phone on Ebay and the story from the seller is that the original phone was lost and replaced by Orange with this phone in November 2007. The seller said that Orange only replace with new handsets so this must be a new phone.

However some of the menu options are more basic than my original phone and the shop I took it to unlock were surprised when I said it was only two months old.

They charged a lower price to unlock it, as it was an old phone, saying that to unlock a new phone would have been more complex and would have cost more. They therefore actually lost out financially by insisting it was an old phone.

The white sticky label under the battery seems to have been disturbed and not replaced correctly. Might this be significant?

PS what does moddded mean and might Orange have done this?

  JAS100 02:04 03 Feb 2008

Also the softkey options on the Ebay phone screen are in lower case eg 'Styles' but on my Nov 2005 phone this would be 'STYLES'

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