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  acceptmyname 18:44 21 Nov 2009

Hi Guys I have recently updated my system to windows 7 64bit and have installed my software and drivers for my Razer Lachesis mouse and it works up to point.

Now this is were i get a bit confused I have updated to the latest windows 7 driver but still dont seem to be able to get the mouse switch between DPI setting which is something i set up in the software usually i would set this to a but on the mouse so i can change it as and when but not only can i not do this I also cannot change it at all using the software.

Please help

  acceptmyname 13:43 23 Nov 2009


  acceptmyname 18:16 24 Nov 2009

ok I stil have the above problem, I have contacted Razer themselves but have had no reply as yet.

I have done a bit of investigating myself, After looking in to my device manger I have found my Razer mouse but when I take a look at what driver it is running to I noticed it says driver but i have updated the driver to as per Razer website. Can anybody tell me why this device manger is still showing the out of date driver.

  skeletal 18:52 24 Nov 2009

I don’t know if this is any use but!

I have a Razer keyboard and noticed that the drivers were an earlier version from those shown on their web site. I got the latest drivers and tried to install them, but they did not install.

Razer suggested I tried again (they did contact me but it took a little while), but I couldn’t be bothered.

Luckily for me, I don’t actually have a problem so the inability to update didn’t really matter.

Obviously it’s more important for you.

Out of interest, how do you find the mouse, assuming you’ve managed to get it to work once? I have been wondering whether to buy one myself.


  acceptmyname 20:58 24 Nov 2009

Thanks for the reply Skeletal but I have fixed it I was only logging back in to resolve the problem, all I did was used device manager to uninstall the driver then I reinstalled and it has worked.

As for the mouse itself I have had ut fir a few tears now and to be honest I could not ask for a better mouse, I play shooter type games cod4, halo etc abd I would go as far as say when I got the mouse it improved my play around 25%, one thing I would say though if you do buy a Lachesis mouse make sure you also get the razer exactmat as my brother has the same mouse but a different mat and the difference is astounding I personally find it hard to control the mouse on his mat it is far to senstive I think his mat is the razer destructior.

Again thanks for your help and advice

  gazzaho 08:51 25 Nov 2009

I have a Razer Diamondback 3G which sits in a darkened drawer due to useless drivers and even more useless tech support from the manufacturers. Both the middle button and scroll wheel don't function as they should with Razers drivers, use Windows default drivers and you loose all gaming functionality along with the extra buttons negating an benefit of owning a gaming mouse.

The best Razer could come up with was to try my mouse in another machine, which didn't help much as it done exactly the same. I can honestly say the Diamond was my first and last Razer product.

  skeletal 10:09 25 Nov 2009

I’m pleased that you are up and running acceptmyname.

I’m in two minds about Razer stuff (hence my mouse question). Picking up on gazzaho’s post as well, they do seem to make life harder than it should be in the driver department! The mechanical side of the keyboard is great, as is, by the sound of it, the mice.

If I do go ahead with buying a mouse, I will certainly take on board your comments about the mat, which surprise me as I would have thought a mat would make very little difference!


  gazzaho 19:38 25 Nov 2009

I use a Steelseries SP gaming mouse mat and believe me. a good mouse mat is as important as the mouse itself. The speed of movement compared to an ordinary run of the mill mat is incomparable. Until I bought a good mouse mat I never realised how much better the response would be, it took a while to get used to the speed difference though.

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