Raw Files - what are they and how do I use them.

  artiface 10:46 03 Oct 2007

Hi, a couple of weeks ago I had a prolem with Moire lines (Aliasing) on some of the jpeg images I took with my DC. I tried all sorts of solutions, which I had obtained from you guys on this forum, but none of them were a total success.
Several of the Mediators suggested using Raw Files, saying that they always used them and that they were the best file option to use with any DC imaging.
I just to know what they are and how to use them.

  Seth Haniel 11:03 03 Oct 2007

Think it is a setting on the camera so the image is in true form uncompressed as in jpeg gif etc - RAW files will be quite large in size but there will be no loss in the image quality

  P1d 11:07 03 Oct 2007

Semi Pro/Pro DSLR cameras can take pictures in both RAW and jpeg format, RAW files are an alternative to jpeg but take up more physical space on your memory card. RAW is a preprocessed image enabling you to make precise adjustments to it using an image editor such as PhotoShop before converting it to jpeg.

Once it has been converted to jpeg it can still be edited but it's best to edit RAW then convert to jpeg.

I have a DSLR camera which takes pictures in RAW format but not too sure if the standard point and shoot ones do. What Digicam do you have?

  ventanas 11:12 03 Oct 2007

It depends on your camera, many compacts do not have a raw option. Basically they can be thought of as a digital negative that has to be processed on a computer and converted to whatever format you want eg .jpg when satisfied.

One of the better raw converters is the Camera Raw plug in supplied with Photoshop and Elements, but if your camera is capable of shooting raw you should have been supplied with at least a rudimentary editor on CD.

  artiface 14:16 03 Oct 2007

and it has a Raw File facility on the Software display in my All Programs but the booklet doesn't have anything on Raw File.
I've tried many times to download the updates for this DC but it always fails to install.

  cycoze 14:55 03 Oct 2007

Fuji have their own conversion software for *RAF RAW files, you should either have it on CD or be able to download it from Fuji.

A better option for Fuji *RAF/RAW files is to use S7Raw available from click here a tutorial for the program can be found at click here .

RAW conversion on its own does not achieve very much, so a RAW editor is going to be the best option, you should be able to adjust many things without losing the quality.

However, all said and done i do not think shooting in RAW is going to help your problem at all, as i said in your previous thread click here i think it is down to your image editing setup.

  LAP 15:27 03 Oct 2007

The software may well refer to Raw files, but I do not think your camera is capable of taking pics in Raw.

  cycoze 15:42 03 Oct 2007

I laughed when i read that :o) i never gave it a thought to check! Your right it is jpeg only.

Either way i stand by my comment above regarding the original problem.

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