RAW Conversion and image processing

  Spock1958 14:26 01 Jul 2006

I am currently running a 2 year old Mesh Athon 64 3200+, 1GB RAM and Radeon 9800 Pro graphics. I use the PC mainly for RAW conversion, which seems to take an age, and photoshop processing. I am considering upgrading to 2GB RAM, but would like opinions as to if this is the best way forward, and if not, what are the alternatives?

  Spock1958 14:21 02 Jul 2006

Has everyone gone on holiday?

  Sandy110 20:23 02 Jul 2006

There doesn't appear to be a simple answer to your question. Try this it may help make up your mind. click here

  hssutton 21:01 02 Jul 2006

A lot depends on the raw convertor you are using. As an example Rawshooter takes approx 12 secs on my PC, Adobe Raw takes 7 secs to convert a 5Mb file.

My system specs are Athlon XP 2400 Radeon 9550 and 2Gb ram. I recently upgraded from 1 to 2 Gb ram, but did not notice any difference in the raw conversion times.

The main reason for upgrading ram was the rewrite time in PS CS2 when using multiple layers + the fact that when I upgraded my monitor to a 20.8" widescreen my PC became noticebly slower.

The above spec works ok for me.

Alternatives, well I think if you want 16 bit image files, then you have none, unless of course your camera will shoot in Tiff.

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