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  Rahul Dravid 07:47 09 Jan 2003
  Rahul Dravid 07:47 09 Jan 2003

My System configuration reads a Pentium4 1.5Ghz,256MB of PC133 SDRAM,a 40GB Seagate Harddisk and 52x LG CD-ROM Drive.My Graphics are run by a Samsung 15" mointor powered by an Nvidia
Riva TNT2 M64 Graphics card with 32MB Ram.I would like to know where my PC stands in the current period:
*Low end PC
*Mid Range PC,or
*Top end PC
I also have 2 CHFlightStick Pro Joysticks,an A4Tech steering wheel,a webcam,Mercury 2.1 980watt speakers with subwoofwer,Samsung Keyboard
and a Logitech mouse with scrollable wheel

  Jungle 08:10 09 Jan 2003

It all depends on what you really use your PC for.


By the looks of it you seem to like games and Flight sims so on that front I would say you need to upgrade your graphics card...somthing like a Gforce 4 TI 4200 with 128 DDR ram would make a considerable difference. Maybe a little more ram, but depends on what Windows version you are using as ME and 98 can struggle with 512 or more. Everything else is fine.

Video / Grpahics Editer: Mid
Need a better graphics card and a CDRW would be a nice touch.

You could also run a test from somwhere like Pcpitstop click here and this will give you some tips etc, and you can see where you rate amongst their tests.


But to be honest you can look at figures all day long but if the PC does what you want it to then thats fine..

Theres plenty of people out there with far superior PC's than you, and those who wish they had even your spec.


  Revi 09:25 09 Jan 2003

Are you really the Indian Cricketeer Rahul Dravid or are you someone else who has just assumed a pseudo name? If you are the real chap then consider sending me your autograph because I collect such.

  Rahul Dravid 16:34 09 Jan 2003

Hi Mr.Jungle,

Thank u very much for ur detailed & frank opinion. As u say, the bottom line is that ur PC should be able to deliver just what u require of it even if it is a 386/25!!

I'am perfectly satisfied with my PC's performance.The reason I posted this query was that just 15 months ago I was the proud owner of thr best top-of-the-range system possible(atleast in India where I happen to reside).

But now with all the talk of GeForce4,ATI Radeon 9500,80GB HDD,DVD not to mention a Pentium 3.06 GHZ I was just beginning to wonder whether I ought to be a little more humble about my PC's Specs.I guess(sadly) I ought to!!

Regards,Rahul Dravid

  Rahul Dravid 16:39 09 Jan 2003

Hi Mr/Miss/Mrs Revi!!

How I wish I were THE man himself!!But no.I'am just using this name as a pseudo.I also happen to be one of his ardent fans as he is deinitely amongst the top batsmen in world cricket.

Coming to the autograph,I don't mind giving u mine!Who knows...tomorrow I could be a famous person!!

Regards Rahul Dravid

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