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  zoomer 09:52 29 May 2003

like it says, rate out of ten would be nice.....please nitpick.........

click here

  Falkyrn 11:57 29 May 2003

nice clean site, appears well organised and links all appear to work .....

one minor criticism tho' the photographs used all appear very dark and in high contrast ... they don't show the sites at their best

  slowhand_1000 16:10 29 May 2003

agrees with Falkyrn and pages load really quick. One thing I did notice that was missing, is a link back to the 'home' page.


  zoomer 17:09 29 May 2003

thanks for the input, I have had people comment on the pics, in my defence maybe its because I have an Iiyama monitor which is excellent and I can see a difference on other peoples,on the other hand maybe I`m a crap photographer....I`ll try to sort it out tho.......oh and the link back to the home page is the logo in the top left corner of the page.....perhaps not the most obvious I agree, thanks again.Ian

  Pesala 18:28 29 May 2003

There seems to be a lot of space wasted on the left of the page with a border. This seems to be because the page is centred and designed for VGA resolution. I can zoom in with Opera to 120% to fill the window. The words "cumnock net" are repeated needlessly before each page link. Two page links - wrap to a second line. I would dispense with the extra words, but embolden the text or enlarge it slightly.

The pictures are variable. Some are too dark, especially the one on the home page and terrinzeang castle - obviously not much sunshine in Cumnock. The ones of auchinleck castle and wallaces cave are bright, almost to the point of being washed out, but still very clear. Perhaps you are using a TFT monitor, which makes colours look more vibrant. I have a good quality LG Flatron 17" CRT monitor. The one that seems the best contrast is Castle William.

The link back to the home page is not too obvious. There is no link back at all from the forum and the link to the forum should really be distinguished in some way from the other page links. Maybe put the forum link in a different type face or link it to a graphic. Link back to the home page from the forum too.

I know that may sound like only criticism, but you did ask for nit picking. That is the way to test a prototype. Thrash it until it breaks. (>_<)

  zoomer 19:25 29 May 2003

there is a link back to the site from the forum, though it def needs to be clearer, just havent had the time to customise phpbb2 properly yet.
The reason for the text links having "cumnocknet" within them is an attempt at pleasing search engines, apparently text links are best for this esp if they contain the key word,(in this instance "cumnock")
def agree with the forum link being more discernible, still thinking about the est way to do this
as for table size etc, yes I will prob sort it out, use % instead of a defined size, though I do like the look @ 1024x768.....many thanks for taking the time to appraise the site and postyour comments, I will try to address most of the issues raised, time to do it is hard to come by tho......Ian

  Forum Editor 18:10 31 May 2003

and I wish you every success - community publishing is an area in which the Internet can excel.


1. The pages look too much like a series of pages from a book. Many people fall into the (understandable) trap of designing a web site as if they were designing a printed booklet or brochure, and it doesn't work. If there is a print analogy it's a daily newspaper - each page composed of paragraphs and images intermingled. Text blocks with no paragraph relief tend to create tension in a web site visitor, and the text isn't read. Reading text on a printed page is easier than on-screen, and special measures are needed if you are going to offer visitors a lot of reading matter.

2. Try to improve the site images - not all of them are of particularly good quality. Perhaps it might be an idea to include some more in the pages - use tables to make everything neat and easy to control. Each image can go in its own cell.

3. It's unecessary, and very unsightly, to have the word 'cumnocknet' repeated so many times in the navigation links - and it will not improve your search engine score, search engines are wise to such tricks, and if that one worked you would see it being used by lots of sites...but you don't.

Don't be in any way discouraged by what I realise can be viewed as negative comment - I don't mean to appear over-critical, and there wouldn't be much point if I said "great site, keep up the good work" to everyone who asked for comments. You have a good site, but it could be so much better with some tweaking.

  zoomer 19:06 31 May 2003

yes I agree with your critique, the limiting factor is time.....also I did have the text formatted properly.....then stupidly overwrote the formatted pages when I uploaded different updates from a diferent location....I`m not happy about the links so prob will change them, is it def better to use text links?, I initially used xara webstyle and had a really nice nav bar.

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