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  spuds 10:39 06 Dec 2005

We are just considering forming a small local community website, and we are seeking someone to help set-up,run and maintain it, on a 'as and when' basis.The site will contain relevant information to the community, so that people can perhaps offer support, advice and general 'what's is happening' type of thing.

We are not looking for a commercial person or company to run the website, just someone with sufficient knowledge and perhaps a local person keen on the idea. We do not want the person to do the job for nothing, unless they are willing to do so. What would you suggest is the ideal rate for the job, taking into consideration that most of the community interested in the project, will offer their support on a voluntary basis.

Any feedback will be very welcome, especially from anyone doing this type of project already.

  PurplePenny 12:05 06 Dec 2005

Aren't you going to volunteer? ;-)

  spuds 12:25 06 Dec 2005

PurplePenny-- The more the merrier, and my website maintenance, knowledge and set-up may cause embarrassment :o)

  spuds 18:54 07 Dec 2005

fourm member--Thanks for the response.The last paragraph in your posting is the type of activity that I can foresee, but I do not want to wear the webmasters hat, more like the tea and biscuit provider.

Will tick as resolved, but please add further if anyone wishes to do so.

  peabody 17:03 12 Dec 2005

I think forum member has made some good points and the most important is that volunteers can back off/fail to deliver whenever they feel like it.

I stringly recommend that whoever takes the job on is paid. This gives them accountability to do the job.

I would have thought that a couple/few hundred pounds p.a. for an 'amateur' would caox them to get stuck in, learn and deliver. And who knows - they may get the taste for it and start making something worthwhile.

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