rar & zip help needed !

  gazmix 17:53 11 Oct 2006

When i want to send a picture from my documents, i right click on it & it says 'send to' & also there's a rar or zip file to i assume add it to!

Sometimes i send the pic via 'send to' & they don't recieve it, but if i send it to myself i do, it comes as apart of the mail & i don't have to open the file.
Can anyone help by telling me whats the difference between zip & rar & why recipients don't always get my piccs if i send them as 'send to'!??


  johnnyrocker 18:34 11 Oct 2006

try send to, mail recipient?


  gazmix 20:17 11 Oct 2006

Yep, done that & it generally doesn't arrive via the email, only when i put it in a zip or rar file, but i don't know whay this happens or whats the difference between them??


  Carpigiani 20:28 11 Oct 2006

Zip & rar are different programs for compressing files, ie Wizip for zip files WinRar for rar files.

When pictures are compressed with either Winzip or WinRar the file size is smaller than sending the pictures unzipped.

If the recipients email server is set up to reject large files, this could prevent the unzipped pictures from getting through.

  brundle 20:56 11 Oct 2006

Compressing the average .jpg/.gif etc file with rar or zip will have little effect, they are a compressed format anyway - some ISP's treat emails containing archive files (.zip, .rar) and won't allow them through. Better off using picture resizer which will appear when you select Send To/Mail Recipient.
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  brundle 21:00 11 Oct 2006

Sorry, should read `some ISP's treat emails containing archive files (.zip, .rar) as potentially dangerous in that the archives could contain a virus`

  Daveboy 22:29 11 Oct 2006

Why not "insert" the pic into the mail message, insert picture will place it in th body of the message, insert file will attach the pic as a seperate file, you can zip it to reduce the size.

  gazmix 12:00 12 Oct 2006

If i go to Outlook Express & write the mail, i click on 'insert', i just get add attachment, that is all thats highlighted!
So there's no difference between rar & zip, they are just folders to compress pics?

  gazmix 14:23 13 Oct 2006

Still having dificulty knowing what difference is!
If i right click on a pic, i get send to & add to rar file or add to rar & send as mail!
Zip, Rar, anyone!!

  Graham. 14:38 13 Oct 2006
  gazmix 16:03 13 Oct 2006

mmm, i think i already have winrar as i get the stack of books icon & add to rar when i right click on it!

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