Randomly not finding hard drives

  User-191E1920-20CB-4300-860DCABFC467F8DC 14:46 11 Sep 2005

Hello guys well dunno where to start, Over the past couple of weeks my computer will crash with no error message and then when I restart it sometimes it will stay on dectecting IDE drives for about 5 mins then find the drives and nothing else will happen, or sometimes it wont find the drives at all either of the two hard drives or the cd rom drives! Any ideas guys?

Update: Just restarted again as it failed to boot and its come up with a Blue screen stop scan with the following: STOP: c000021a Unknown HARD ERROR

New Update: restarted again failed to find any drive again and come up with - Disk error press any key to restart, What im finding strange is why its not finding any drives? And also sometimes it will boot and work perfectly for days and then this problem will come back

  Deafgit 14:56 11 Sep 2005

If you have two strips of RAM in your machine, take one out, and see if that's any better, if not swap over the RAM...I think one of strips has gone corrupt....

  Thalmus 15:18 11 Sep 2005

If that doesn't work the Hard drive could be dead, how old is it?

  Thalmus 15:27 11 Sep 2005

or it could be that the ide controller on the motherboard has gone

hard drive is just over 2 years old, Bur why would both hard drives not be dectected?

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