A random water dripping sound heard on my notebook

  GPK1 08:41 10 Jun 2013

A 'water dripping' or 'chugging sound' is heard at random on my notebook. The sound can be clearly heard even when the speakers are muted. I have been through the malware removal process on the MBAM forum and my notebook is free of malware.

I was asked of the MBAM forum to record the sound in order to eliminate the remote possibility of screen hardware problems. I was unable to record the sound on my mobile and do not have any external audio devices to record the sound. We got a bit stuck at the point.

I am hoping you guys can shed some light on the problem?

Many Thanks

  Nontek 09:02 10 Jun 2013

What is the make, model and OS of the notebook? Also how old is it?

It might just need a thorough internal cleanup, getting rid of dust/fluff etc, making sure that all grills in case are completely clear and any internal fans clean and running freely.

  Ian in Northampton 09:09 10 Jun 2013

Is it possible someone has played a prank on you? Many years ago, this was a favourite thing to do - there was a little program you could install surreptitiously on a friend's PC that would make the sound of dripping water. It was about as popular as turning your mate's screen upside down with Ctrl, Alt and the down arrow key...

  GPK1 09:17 10 Jun 2013

Re previous two replies - Are either of you guys PC Advisor tech support staff?

  Ian in Northampton 09:28 10 Jun 2013

Nope. Why do you ask?

  spuds 09:29 10 Jun 2013


The responder's are people 'with knowledge of computers' and other things, who voluntary give their time for free on a daily basis,in helping other people out. There are no PC Advisor tech support staff, employed by PCA to give daily advice.

  GPK1 09:36 10 Jun 2013

Thanks guys...Im in the wrong forum. How do I close this thread?

  Ian in Northampton 13:07 10 Jun 2013

You kinda wonder what forum the OP is looking for...

  lotvic 13:29 10 Jun 2013

For the curious, ClickHere for MBAM thread about the noise

  northumbria61 14:00 10 Jun 2013

Could he be after the composer of Handel's Water Music? Nontek, Ian, ever get the feeling you wished you had stayed in bed?

  Woolwell 14:03 10 Jun 2013

I might suggest a water user forum but seriously I wonder if the sound is really coming from the vicinity of the screen or is in fact the hard drive beginning to fail.

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