Random startup problems

  rustysutton 19:11 03 Feb 2006

PC does not always start up. Gets to XP logo and then hangs meaning I have to switch it off at the back and start again. Sometimes this works straight away after but sometimes I have to repeat it several times - very annoying!

Have tried reinstalling windows but this does not help. Have checked for viruses/spyware etc

Have spoken to MESH customer services but they are about as much use as a chocolate teapot!


  Mytob 19:27 03 Feb 2006

run a memory diagnostic tool lime memtest86 and a hard drive integrity tool for starters.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:00 03 Feb 2006

Gets to XP logo and then hangs

blue bars keep going or stop?

usually a driver problem, make sure you have the latest drivers for you equipment.

  rustysutton 20:13 03 Feb 2006

Blue bars keep going fruit bat.

Sometimes HD light stays on sometimes it goes off.

Pretty sure that all Drivers are up to date as well.

  rustysutton 11:29 04 Feb 2006

Does anyone else have any other ideas re: this. Ive tried memtest86 and Maxtor HD Integrity checker and they both run fine.

This is starting to really annoy me now but I have no idea what it could be, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  rustysutton 12:33 04 Feb 2006

I've just noticed something else that may perhaps help someone diagnose this problem.

Just tried to shut down Windows rather than restarting it and it would not shut down properly either, just stayed at screen where it says windows is shutting down for about 5 mins before I got bored and switched it off at the back.

I'm not an expert unfortunately but suspect the two things are probably linked.

Is there a file or something that windows writes to before shut down and if it fails to do this could it cause problems when starting up again?

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