Random Rebooting

  Goodyclogs 08:32 28 Feb 2003

This week for some unknown reason, my computer has started to randomly re-boot itself. It first happened on Tuesday evening when I was playing some CD's. It rebotted twice in a short space for time. Then yesterday, it happened again in the middle of typing an email. Last night, when the computer was switched on, but not being used, again it happened twice in fairly quick succession.
I have Windows XP. Can anyone help please?

  Elrond 08:46 28 Feb 2003

Your CPU may be oberheating, or your Power Supply is on its way out. These are two possibilities anyway. Have you another PSU you cud fit and see if it still occurs?

  Gman 08:50 28 Feb 2003

Can you supply some more information like
1. Have you recently added any new hardware.
2. Have you only recently installed XP.
3. Has the problem started since installing any new software.

  Goodyclogs 08:54 28 Feb 2003

I don't know if the PCU is overheating. I don't have the system on for long periods of time. It is fairly new, it was purchased last April and is still under guarantee. I will have to check the PSU with someone else. I am not well up on such matters.

  Goodyclogs 08:57 28 Feb 2003

I have not added any new hardware and XP came with the system when it was purchased last April. On the day of the first rebooting, my sister had fetched her MGI Photosuite Disc for me to try but I decided I did not want it, so she uninstalled it before she went homne on Tuesday morning.

  Gman 09:03 28 Feb 2003

In that case the most likely cause is the ones mentioned by Elrond as your power supply or CPU. If it is still under warranty you shouldn't have a problem getting it fixed.

  powerless 09:08 28 Feb 2003

Log on as Administrator.

Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Look at the "Application" and "system" logs.

Look for red circles with an X in them (ERROR). Doulbe click, then and you will see a log which will make NO sense. Within that log there will be a link to the microsoft website. If you click it hopefully it will tell you what the problrm was and also fix for it.

  Goodyclogs 09:40 28 Feb 2003

I will go through the procedure starting with Start then Control Panel etc but I have to go out urgently so will try this later on this morning.
I am grateful for everyone's help.

  Goodyclogs 14:04 28 Feb 2003

Hi Powerless, I carried out the procedure that you suggested and it did indeed reveal the fault.
The result came up as the following

Component System Event Log

Event Boot System Drivers Failed

The following boot-start or system start driver[s] failed to load %1

I then went to the Microsoft Website as you suggested and got the following response

Currently there are no Microsoft Knowledge Base articles available for this specific error or event message. Then following the links, I was told that because my XP was installed with a new computer [OEM] I would have to contact my supplier.

I can only assume that now my CPU will have to be returned to Medion.

Once again, grateful thanks to all who responded.

  Grannyann 14:23 28 Feb 2003

I recently fitted a replacement second hard drive to my system, and found that it started to randomly reboot. After checking out everything else, we found the position of the midi tower case on its custom built shelf under my desk was critical. An inch further back on the shelf means a restricted airflow in through the vent at the front (underneath) and the whole thing goes up in temperature. The system bios has the facility to set a "warning" temperature for the chip, and I had opted for 60 degrees C. Having raised that to 70 degrees, and made sure the case vent is completely clear, I've had no further problems. Don't know if that's of any help to anyone?

  Goodyclogs 15:00 28 Feb 2003

Thanks Grannyann, Your tip is very useful to know about.
I have contacted Medion about my problem and they have got me to do a System Restore which is quite simple with XP. Apparently, this may solve my re-booting problem. If it doesn't then apparently it will mean all my data will have to be backed up and the C Drive will have to be wiped clean.
The technician at Medion was most impressed by the fact that the fault had been pinpointed. I said I was lucky to be able to access the PCA Helproom - it really is a first class asset to all PC Users thanks to the dedicated people who try to solve the problems that crop up.
Fingers crossed that the simple System Restore Point will do the trick. I will report back to the Helproom in due course.

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