Random PC lockups.

  splatter 01:50 21 Apr 2006

First of all, please don't ask why I am up this late. I am high on caffine and tearing my hair out.

Over the past few day, my PC has been randomly locking up. Just stopping completly, no sound or anything! At first I thought it was a bit similar to an overheating problem that I had last year, so I cleaned of my heatsink/processor and added some Artic Silver thermal compund, but it is still doing it. I have no idea what the problem might be. CPU temp is at around 60c (A bit high I think, but normal for me). Event logs don't show anything amiss)

Specs: AthlonXP 2600+, MSI KT4V motherboard, 768mb RAM, XP home with SP2.

Any help appreciated. Off to bed now (if I can sleep) so will pick this thread up tomorrow with a clear head.


  skidzy 06:47 21 Apr 2006

Have you tried the system in safe mode,if so...does it still lock up ?

  Laser157 10:32 21 Apr 2006

Just a thought. Have you done the last round of Windows updates? I spent 2 hours trying to sort out a freezing problem related to right clicking on the desktop. See:

click here

It seems there have been a lot of problems with the last update including lock-ups not only like the one I have had.

See also: click here

I tried the MS registry fix, but this didn't work. Deleting versclid.exe in Task Manager does. However it regenerates itself before long.

I reckon a lot of problems people are having at the moment are down to this update. It is easy to remove in Control Panel/ Add and Remove Programs, but I have left it to avoid a security hole. MS need to get a proper fix asap.

  splatter 15:04 22 Apr 2006

Strange. I posted a reply to the above and it's not here! mmm. Anyway, in the reply that isn't here I basically said that those 2 didn't realy apply to my setup or problem. I hadn't tried safe mode but tried it last night. The electric 'ran-out' in the night (cursed meters) so when I woke up this morning the PC was off anyway. I'll try again tonight though.

Anybody else have any ideas as to what the cause of the problem may be? oh, and a solution :)


  splatter 18:55 23 Apr 2006

well, I ran the PC in safe-mode from about 1am - about 9am this morning and it didn't lockup once.

Would I be right in saying that this may be a driver problem?

The only 'non-xp' driver I have are for:

MSI KT-4V (VIA Chipset)
ATI Radeon 9600 (6.3 Catalyst)
Belkin Wireless USB

All these are the latest version from the manufacturs website.

So, any ideas?

  woodchip 19:57 23 Apr 2006

You could try the 4in1 drivers click here
Then Try new Graphics driver

  skidzy 20:24 23 Apr 2006

Try these for a general tidy up,it may help.
click here
click here
click here

Just a thought,i do not know much about Graphic cards but maybe increasing your ram would be a good bet, as i believe a powerful graphics card can use a lot of ram.I may stand corrected on this ....but worth a try.

Good luck

  splatter 23:08 23 Apr 2006

i installed the 4in1 driver around 10 miinutes after you posted, and so far so good.

skidzy, I don't see how my graphics card using to much RAM can suddenly be a problem; I have ran the same spec sytem for 2 1/2 years! Thanks for the links to them tools though, I will download them and run them regardless.

I'll leave the post unresolved for know...

  splatter 02:13 25 Apr 2006

and what-d-ya-know...it's locked up twice today. Once for no apparent reason, and once whilst starting Doom3. The Doom3 instance though could, obviously, have been a problem with Doom3 because it worked fine after the reboot.

I think its fair to say that something that woodchip and skidzy mentioned was at least partially right...my guess would be the 4in1 drivers.

Last question: Do you think I should click resolved or not?

  woodchip 11:06 25 Apr 2006

It looks like it may be Heat related, You may need a better CPU fan

  splatter 13:10 26 Apr 2006

that was my first thought but my CPU and System temps with all what I call 'normal'

Beside, I think I cracked it.

I had to reset my BIOS yesterday afternoon as I messed up somewhere and I was just getting a blank screen.

Anyway, after the reset I had to change my CPU FSB/Ratio settings so that the processor was running at it's normal speed. Anyway, a few days ago (I totally forgot about this) I had changed the clock settings from

FSB: 154mhz
Clock Ratio: 12.5/13.0


FSB: 166mhz
Clock Ratio: Auto

So I decide to set these back to what they where, and now the computer has been on for 24 hours straight without a single problem.

With regards to getting a new heatsink and fan, I will be soon anyway. It's a habbit that I get a good new one when the waether starts to get a wit warmer, just to be safe. I'd love to invest in some liquid cooling, but I'm just not rich enough at the moment.

Thanks everybody for your help, I think the problem is now resolved.


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