Random pause/freezing

  Muzz_former_aol_employee 14:43 05 Mar 2007


AMD Athlon 64 3400+
2gb Samsung RAM
200gb Seagate SATA HD (Windows/System)
200gb Seagate SATA HD (Temp/Downloads)
700gb Seagate SATA HD (Games/CDImages)
Can't remember motherboard model, its an ASUS.


Windows XP Pro SP2 + Direct X 9
McAfee Internet Security without Spyware stuff
Spybot TeaTimer/IE Protection

The problem I am having occurs when using Windows, performing tasks on the desktop etc not when playing games or anything intensive.

I am getting random lockups and freezes, these occur every couple of minutes mainly when surfing the net, using Windows Live Messenger or copying files. These freezes last for about 4-5 seconds. I've done all the normal stuff, Spyware Scans, Reg Clean, AntiVirus Scan, More Virtual Memory, Scandisk, Defrag and closing as many background apps and services as possible.

Anyone have any ideas? (CPU temp 45c to 50c)

  Technotiger 14:55 05 Mar 2007

Hi, could be your psu being overworked, or possibly it is on its way out.

  jay.p 14:56 05 Mar 2007

lots of people report problems while running McAfee Internet Security and the norton equivolents.these suites are notorious for causing internrt and system problems.
switching to seperate ativirus and spyware progs e.t.c may cure it. the best free anti virus is avg and the best free anti spyware is spyware doctor.both are highly recommended.
i may be wrong and perhaps someone while have another answer but i have no probs using these with zone alarm firewall.

  jay.p 16:20 05 Mar 2007

as a former aol employee do you use them as your isp.
only ask as i had probs using their software a few years ago ( freezing e.t.c. ). i got round it by denying one of their browser components access to the internet with zonealarm.
it was called speed something or other ( at least speed was in the title.)after this all was ok.

  Ex plorer 17:23 05 Mar 2007

I had problems using IE 6 with intermittent freezing but not with Firefox.

  birdface 21:22 05 Mar 2007

I have something of the same sort of problem,It might take 2-6 seconds to go to another page,it freezes so tha you cant scroll down or up,Had this problem for about 2 weeks,Ran all my Spyware + Anti-virus programs found nothing, So downloaded Trend Micro the other day just for a final test,And it came up with a MS06-056 problem.It was unable to repair it but I got directed to this site, click here .I was unable to get a fix from it,So still have the same problem.Was just wondering if I should delete it then reinstall it or not.Had this problem about the same time as Microsoft had those bad downloads which affected a lot of computers mine included.

  skidzy 21:33 05 Mar 2007

This sounds awfully similar to a problem myself and another forum member Rawprawn had,the only way i fixed mine and i believe Rawprawn fixed his was with the aid of a program called Winaso click here reg optimiser version.
Here is the link to the previous thread click here

  woodchip 21:36 05 Mar 2007

Do a Memory check. click here

  birdface 23:36 05 Mar 2007

Cracking program Skidzy,Had to run it about 14 times ,Just like having a new computer again ,Everything has speeded up,Thanks,deffinately worth a try Muz.

  skidzy 23:45 05 Mar 2007

i use to rave about this app but did not renew my paid version,but i will be.

I once had a thread recommending Winaso,but basically got told off by a few...why pay when similar apps do the same job but free.

It was only my problem and Rawprawns that the normal things like reg mechanic and ccleaner could not touch,but as always...faithful ol Winaso to the rescue.

But on the serious side,you could download a hundred apps and all will something to fix.

Glad it helped you out buteman. :-)))

  skidzy 23:48 05 Mar 2007


"But on the serious side,you could download a hundred apps and all will something to fix"

Should read:

But on the serious side,you could download a hundred apps and all will FIND something to fix...Doh ! its late,well thats my excuse :-)))

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