Random network trouble

  disjointeddreamer 17:38 31 Oct 2004

Hi there,

I'm running to computers with WinXP *no service packs* and they have been running the network fine. I'm using a network hub connected to the main computer, which also has the broadband connection.

However, a fuse tripped the other day causing the main computer to crash. I was at work but my partner was trying to get the computer back on, which she couldn't. I came home from work and realised it was just a windows boot disk in the floppy drive. So then I reset and the computer boots up fine. No problems thus far. The internet is fine on this computer and nothing seems damaged.

However, the internet will not work on the other computer. The problem appears to be that the network is failing somehow. The hub shows that both cables are connected fine. Both computers show that the network cards are installed fine. So I tried what I normally do, setting the IP numbers and what not. Nothing. I tried running the network setup wizard on the other computer, but when it's doing the settings change it never finishes, so I have to use task manager to shut it. If I change anything in the properties or what not then click okay, the properties window freezes.

So I tried a direct reinstall of XP over the top of the old one. Nothing changed. so I tried a fresh reinstall of XP. With 32 minutes to go of installation, it froze. Repeat the process and same thing.

Any suggestions people? A reinstall of windows appears to be out the window for now, so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

  disjointeddreamer 19:43 31 Oct 2004

Anything anyone?

  AndySD 20:39 31 Oct 2004

Try going Start then Run type in CMD and click OK

In the command prompt type in

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

and hit Enter.

This will reinstall the Internet Protocol stack.

Try the network wizard afterwards.

  disjointeddreamer 20:48 31 Oct 2004

Tried it.. the network wizard does the same thing.. at the bit where it's doing the settings and that animation goes across the screen the window just keeps doing that permanantly

  AndySD 20:56 31 Oct 2004

Try doing into the Device Manager and remove the network card. Reboot and reinstall the drivers.

Try putting the network cable into another socket on the router.

Can you change the network cable for another one even just temp.

  disjointeddreamer 21:01 31 Oct 2004

Trying to uninstall the network card in device manager.. When I click ok to uninstall the window just freezes.. the rest of windows is fine, just that one window that freezes..

it's weird.. i'm not bad with networks but this has left me completely stumped

  AndySD 21:09 31 Oct 2004

Reboot into safe mode and try it there.

It may just be a faulty network card.

  disjointeddreamer 22:39 31 Oct 2004

I have just nicked the network card from the computer that I was going to use as a server *rather than my main computer being the server to the net for the other* and put it in the other computer. Booted the other computer up and before it had even finished installing the network card drivers, MSN Messanger popped up and connected.

Cheers for the help guys, I should have tried this before hehe!

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