Random music playing !

  patsyanne 12:38 19 Jun 2006

Hi i have random music playing ,no cds are in the computer no programs to play music are running it last for 3 seconds then stops but after a while comes back again ! i have scanned and scanned in safe mode as well and still this music plays ,i end up switching the speaker volume right down so i cant hear it . any one any ideas what it is please .

  amonra 13:49 19 Jun 2006

Could be picking up radio programs on one of the leads to the computer, try listening to the radio when it happens to see if is one of your local radio stations. If it is, then try moving or removing different leads in turn to see if you can isolate which lead is the culprit.

  patsyanne 13:55 19 Jun 2006

Thanks amonra but its not that its the same song for 3 seconds only ,drives me mad ! i am just scanning with Symantec w32 blaster,worm fix tool cause ithink its a virus .

  patsyanne 14:10 19 Jun 2006

No symantec says there is nothing there i just leave the volume down on the speakers i wont tick as resolved cause its not .

  recap 14:13 19 Jun 2006

Open Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices and click the Sound tab. Under "Sound Scheme" select "No Sounds", this may cure the problem?

  patsyanne 14:28 19 Jun 2006

recap i done that but does that mean i have no sound when i play cd / dvd ?

  SANTOS7 14:42 19 Jun 2006

click here
not classical music is it..

  patsyanne 14:48 19 Jun 2006

SANTOS7 is sounds a bit like queen but its not one of their songs but similar sound .

  SANTOS7 14:56 19 Jun 2006

pending on what O/S you have, the summary in the link
is not good news, it may not apply if you are useing XP, do you have any overheating symptoms..

  SANTOS7 15:04 19 Jun 2006

Not on AOL by any chance, it seems to be connected to AOL instant messenger..

  patsyanne 15:12 19 Jun 2006

SANTOS7 yep i on Aol ! i did try yesterday to have aol but not have all the software that comes with it but got mixed up doing it so left it alone.
Any ideas what i do now ?get rid of aol messenger that i dont use any way ,i dont use anything on Aol just use it to get on the internet then straight off it again ! .Thanks SANTOS7

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