Random Lock Up - Reasons?

  Jester2K II 12:41 24 Jun 2003

OK Win98SE Time PC locks up randomly. Just stops - no disk activity, no mouse, no errors, can be during boot up, after 5 mins on the net, 30 mins doing all sorts... No pattern and no precursors...

Have checked -

No overheating (even hoovered vents etc)
No drivers / device clash
No virus
No unneccessary programs running in the background.

Any others..

  Aspman 12:42 24 Jun 2003

Any new programs / updates added recently.

Have you run scandisk? Surface scan might be in order to check the HD doesn't have bad sectors.

  Tazfan 12:43 24 Jun 2003

How old, and what output is your power supply? The Power Supply would be my first port of call. Can you swap it with another one?

could be all manner of things but try replacing your power supply unit, or it could be a damaged memory chip.

  Jester2K II 12:46 24 Jun 2003

No new programs / updates

Scandisk surface scan will be the final move.

Not my PC - trying to diagnose an on going problem for a friend. I'll have to get HDD into my PC to check because its so unstable... Normal scandisk shows nothing...

  Jester2K II 12:48 24 Jun 2003

Power supply and memory - 2 new things to try. Problem started 6 months ago and i mannaged to get it sorted by telling him not to have the PC running 24/7 and hoovered out the inside of the case... Worked fine but now problem is back...

with that much information then I'd be almost certain it's the power supply, six months is a long time between cleanings so it will warrant doing again.

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