Random Freezes after replacing mobo

  Gedather 14:32 26 Jun 2013

Hi people, About 2 months ago my Pc stated randomly restarting itself then just turning off but fans etc were still turning but couldn't do anything. The restarts/hanging were very random to start with but they got so bad near the end the bios screen wouldn't even get going. So tried replacing parts and tried my parts in other computers. I thought i got to the bottom of it a couple of weeks ago when i replaced my mobo with a new one and it started up fine etc. But the next day my computer started hanging at random points, not restarting, just freezes up and cant do anything apart from restart button it. I cleaned it out, changed the thermal paste, added an extra fan(just incase), reinstalled windows about 4 times now lol but still completely random restarts(could be fine for 4 hours then the next second i get 3 in a row once windows has loaded, freezes are also happening when playing games or even just sitting idle on desktop). Was thinking could be another hardware fault ie RAM, power or gfx card but means shelling out more monies that might not even fix the problem.
Has anyone got any sort of idea as I have taken to 2 pc shops round by me and they cant find anything at all, apart from replacing parts at their stupid prices.

  Gedather 14:37 26 Jun 2013

sorry forgot a few things to say. Running windows 7 64 bit, no yellow exclamation marks on devise manager, run scans for virus/malware and all that sort and all came back fine.

Cheers for any help guys

  onthelimit1 12:26 27 Jun 2013

If you have two or more strips of RAM, try running with one at a time. You could also try running Memtest.

  Gedather 12:31 28 Jun 2013

have tried running computer on each one of the 2 ram sticks i have and still getting the problem. Have run memtest and got nothin also. Have just noticed that when it freezes/restarts my keyboard and mouse lights turn off and on very quickly, could this be something to do with the power supply having a problem or just a random thing?


  Chronos the 2nd 17:15 28 Jun 2013

I note you are a bit lacking in detail of your components and OS so can you provide them?

I know it was the same mobo but did you do a fresh install of windows? Though there are those that will say that you should not need to but I always advocate a complete reinstall of your OS and all the relevant drivers, as I suspect this is a driver conflict issue which is causing you problems.

  Gedather 01:07 29 Jun 2013

Gigabyte 78lmt-s2p motherboard 4 gig(2x2 gig) ram, Radeon 5650 gfx card, phenom quad core 850 3.30ghz Running windows 7 64 bit service pack 1.

Since my earlier post my computer straight after froze then would not even load up at all until about 20 mins ago. Tried taking ram out, swapping to onboads gfx card but still would load up, i really wondering if it could be a faulty power supply.

When new motherboard was installed i done a clean reinstall of windows 7, i have also tried updating all drivers that i can.

Hope this is alittle more helpfull.

Cheers for the help people

  Gedather 01:09 29 Jun 2013

forgot the mention that earlier, when it wouldnt load, that it was even freezing on the BIOS screen.

  Gedather 10:54 29 Jun 2013


this is my motherboard but im still not seeing the 850 supported. I was told by the computer shop that this motherboard would be compatible even if its not listed so not very happy. Would this 100% be the problem? I would have thought that it just wouldn't work at all if its not supported. Another thing is that its pretty much doing the same as before i changed the motherboard (random restarts,freezing and not booting) and then the motherboard and CPU were compatible. Computer didn't work for about 4 hours last night(wouldn't boot) then started and stayed on for about 5 hours with no problems, today its been on for 4 hours with no problem at all, very weird. Sorry for more questions but dont really want to go out and buy a new CPU just to have the same problem still.

Many Thanks

  woodchip 20:27 06 Jul 2013

You are missing out a very important factor, the PSU may be on its last legs, or its lacking power for the hardware in the pc

  finerty 06:53 07 Jul 2013

try replacing the psu

  finerty 06:54 07 Jul 2013

U wont know until U try

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