Random errors happening in system

  PvG 18:00 07 Feb 2005

I feel that some is lurking in my system and making little changes to Word, here and there. I have run SpyBot, CW Shredder and a2. This were found and cleaned but errors still occur.
My question is - would it be advisable to restore to the first Restore Point, and if so, would that get rid of any “nasties” that might be lurking there? If I have a virus, Trojan whatever, will this be eliminated by Restoring to an earlier time? Other avenue would be a re-install, any advice if I want to go down this road?

  Jackcoms 18:51 07 Feb 2005

As you have System Restore, you should switch it off (you'll lose all your restore points) and run all your scans again.

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By turning off System Restore and scanning, you should 'flush out' any nasties caught in memory between restore points. Don't forget to re-enable System Restore when you've finished scanning.

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  Jackcoms 22:00 07 Feb 2005

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You asked me, by e-mail, "If I turn off System Restore and scan, does that mean that I will loose all of my previous restore points?".

Yes, you will lose all your restore points - which is what I said in my post.

But, if you believe you have a nasty in your system, the only way to ensure that your system is properly scanned is by disabling System Restore before scanning.

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